While reported fireworks injuries in Minnesota dropped dramatically, the dangers still persist


It’s the time of year when the sky lights up, the dogs cower and the fireworks sound fill the streets…

Sometimes, people end up in hospital because of fireworks-related injuries or poor judgment.

According to a survey of Minnesota hospitals, fireworks-related injuries decreased dramatically between 2016 and 2020. The average number of reported injuries was 73 per year. Only 17.

Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Amanda Swenson stated that she is optimistic that the state will see fewer fireworks-related injuries. However, she cautioned against jumping to conclusions about whether we will continue to see lower injury rates.

Who is Injured

There are a few reasons why the 2021 drop in injuries reported has occurred. According to Zach Kayser, spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, there were two possible reasons for the drop in injuries reported in 2021. First, the survey was changed to collect reports. Second, hospital staffing issues could have contributed to a decrease in responses. Pandemic supply chain problems that have impacted store shelves and shipping affected fireworks also caused shortages. These issues continue to cause difficulties this year.

prices higher

. Third, the pandemic may have affected people’s Fourth of July celebrations and, consequently, their firework-making habits.

Reports of fireworks accidents in Minnesota during the Fourth of July
Note: The data are based on responses to an annual Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division survey conducted at Minnesota hospitals between June 22- July 15.
Source: Minnesota Department of Public Safety State Fire Marshal Division

If you’re looking for people who end up in the hospital after sustaining a firework injury, there are two-thirds who are males. This is compared to just one-third of the reported fire injuries in Minnesota.

According to data, children and young adults are more likely to be admitted to hospital with fireworks injuries than older adults. Between 2012 and 2021, 19% of all injuries occurred in children younger than 10, 22 percent in teens aged 10-19, 22 percent in teenagers aged 10-19, 22 percent in young adults between 20 and 29, and 18 percent in people age 30 to 39. People aged 40-49 had 11% of all reported fireworks injuries, while people 50 and over had 7%.

Common injuries

According to Jason McDonald, an injury prevention specialist at CentraCare, who serves Central Minnesota, there are usually a few fireworks-related injuries. Most common are fractures and open wounds.

“This happens because people hold fireworks or firecrackers or try to hold onto aerial fireworks when they light them up and shoot them off. Then it explodes in the hand,” he stated.

After open wounds and fractures it’s amputation. Yes, fireworks are used to take off fingers and other parts.

span style=”font weight: 400 People who have larger firecrackers (firecrackers) should hold the device in their hands when it goes off. You might also get some superficial burns if it is held openly in your hand. You can contain the explosive pressure by closing your hand and placing your fist on top. McDonald’s said that this is what snaps your fingers and gives you the amputation plus opens your skin.”

Another wound that people often forget to consider? Swenson, chief deputy fire marshal, stated that there were burns on the feet.

She said that people are dropping hot sparklers and spent fireworks, and then running around naked in the summer heat and stepping on the spent fireworks.

Safety tips

There are many ways to make fireworks safer.

Swenson advised Minnesotans who wish to light fireworks to purchase legal ones, such as fountains, snappers, snappers, and sparklers. These are safer but not completely safe.

Fireworks which explode or shoot into air are against the law in Minnesota. However, Minnesotans can cross state lines to purchase them.

McDonald’s advised adults to keep an eye on children when they are playing with fireworks. They also advised that they should not light them if they have been drinking alcohol or other mind-altering drugs. This can cause confusion and create dangerous situations.

In addition to causing emergency room visits, aerial fireworks can pose a danger. McDonald’s said that if the wind is strong enough, they can blow into neighbor’s houses or dry grass, and cause fires.

Ground fireworks can also cause fires. McDonald’s suggested that they be placed on a paved surface or on grass to prevent them from setting themselves ablaze.

The State Fire Marshal Division has received 600 reports of fireworks incidents in Minnesota over the Fourth of July for $5.5 million.

Following a few safety precautions regarding fireworks can help you avoid the emergency department.

“Typically, in the summer months and holidays like Fourth Of July, you’re looking at a slightly busier weekend in your emergency room because of the sheer number of people out and about doing their jobs, so your injury risk goes up,” McDonald’s said.

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