Walz presses Jensen and Birk to release taxes, but Birk asks, ‘Does anybody care?’


Stribber Rochelle Olson reports that the latest flashpoint in the Minnesota governor’s race involves whether the GOP candidates should disclose their personal income tax returns. This is a tradition of transparency that dates back at least a decade. DFL Governor Tim Walz is pushing Scott Jensen (an ex-state senator) and Matt Birk (a former center for Minnesota Vikings), to release their returns. Jensen, Birk and others have not indicated that they intend to release their returns and have publicly dismissed the idea. Birk asked, late August at a Minneapolis event: ‘Does anyone care?’ “You can tell me what you want and I will give it to you. This is another distraction. No one has ever approached me on the street to say, “Hey, I’m really curious in your tax return.” ‘”

This is Deena winter in the Reformer. Scott Jensen, a Chaska doctor and Republican nominee for governor, will speak at the global freedom summit in Alexandria on October 1. He will be joined by prominent anti-vaccine activists around the globe. Jensen denied that he was anti-vaccine. However, as of earlier this summer, he had not been vaccinated. In April, Jensen compared pandemic health policies to Hitler’s rise. He made the same analogy in August. Tickets start at $50 and he will be joined by prominent anti-vaxx activists. … Sherritenpenny, an osteopath from Cleveland, will be one of the speakers. She testified in Ohio’s state House hearings that the vaccine could attract people and interface with 5G mobile towers. also pointed out photos of people holding forks or spoons to their bodies.

A KMSP TV story states that a man who witnessed George Floyd’s death attributed post-traumatic stress to the disturbing incident. He also explained why he fought police officers outside the Minnesota State Fair last Saturday. The charges say that Williams confessed to confronting his ex girlfriend, but did not physically harm her. Williams stated that he was concerned about his daughter being abandoned by her mother when he fought with police. Williams also stated that he was angry at the arrest and added that PTSD from George Floyd’s killing has affected him.

This is Sven Sundgaard from BringMeTheNews. “Sometimes it worries me about talking too early about winter, but maybe with the heat this year some will embrace it. We need to talk about winter, as El Nino/La Nina can significantly impact our winter weather patterns. NOAA forecasts that La Nina will persist into 2022-2023, with a 60% chance. Forecasting two weeks in advance, let alone two seasons in advance, is risky. A lot of factors are involved in determining a seasonal pattern. Last winter was an example. It was cold in January and February, but it was very mild in December (remember the tornadoes?). It was quite normal for March. According to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, there are equal chances that it will be below or above normal. However, this is based on the current 30-year average and not historical averages. The December January, February map by NOAA shows a temperature pattern that suggests a weak La Nina. This is until fall when we will see what the tropics hold.

KARE-TV Dana Thiede wrote that each year organizers of Great Minnesota Get-Together take a step back and compile a list of honors for the best. They officially honored 13 of the fair’s nearly 1000 commercial vendors, food and beverage sellers, and attractions as the winners of the Minnesota State Fair 2022 Best Awards. The common traits of the winners are: They offer exceptional customer service and have knowledgeable staff members who are courteous and professional.

These are the 2022 Best Award recipients in alphabetical order.

Ball Park Cafe: Enjoy a variety of craft beers and gourmet burgers as well as garlic fries. (Located east of Underwood Street, between Dan Patch & Carnes avenues.

Break-Away Game by Thornberry Concessions This game can be found at Mighty Midway.

Fiore Trees This garden features several hand-forged, metal flower-baskets trees that were inspired by Italian art. (Located at West End Plaza)

Stribber Chris Riemenschneider said that after six nights dominated by pop and rock acts, the fair’s grandstand hosted Florida Georgia Line Wednesday night as its first country headliners in 2022. In interviews, Tyler Hubbard (the good-timey duo) and Brian Kelley (the solo artist) recently stated that they would soon be taking a break to pursue their solo careers. Minnesota was their last stop on their tour.

Tommy Wiita from BringMeTheNews: “To celebrate National Cinema Day, many theaters offer $3 tickets. Tickets will be available at a fraction off their regular price on Saturday at most movie theaters in the United States including Regal Cinemas and AMC.

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