Walz, Jensen share stage at Farmfest, spar over pandemic and more


First face-to-face meeting between Minnesota Governor. Scott Jensen, Tim Walz’s GOP opponent, was totally devoid of sports metaphors. This is surprising considering that they are known for posing with footballs in the same way as other politicians with babies.

Jensen was able to summarize the event by asking a question in a pole barn at Farmfest. This question was a prediction about how the Vikings would perform this season.

span style=”font weight: 400 ;”>” I think Gov. Jensen stated that Walz would agree with Jensen. “When we’re up there it’s fun for us to be on offense and not on defense.” The Chaska family doctor had been pounding Walz for nearly 90 minutes. He said that the four previous years were a failure.

“His program of One Minnesota has become far less real and almost an antonym to what we have seen,” Jensen stated in his first response. Listen to the recording of the forum . )

Walz replied, “Compromise should be a virtue and not a vice.”

Farmfest has been the first forum for state governor elections. Candidates dress down and boast about their agricultural achievements, often citing the last relative who worked the land. Walz joked with a state FFA officer about how he would have worn the FFA jacket, but it doesn’t fit anymore. Jensen was born in Sleepy Eye, just down the road.

Walz was the first candidate to make a campaign appearance in this area as a 2018 gubernatorial hopeful. He was joined by four other candidates without an incumbent. Wednesday was a different day. It wasn’t Walz’s crowd. A few dozen people were there to support him, and they wore T-shirts with the campaign’s gold logo. The Minnesota Farmers Union has a booth right across from the forum and tends to support DFL positions. Many of the overflowing crowd leaned towards Jensen, at most based on the applause. A few vaccine doubters snickered at every mention of the pandemic Walz made.

Walz is a former congressman representing a Greater Minnesota District. He was making his 17th appearance on the agricultural trade show.

Jensen spoke of inflation when Walz talked about low unemployment. Jensen claimed that Walz could have large family farms or corporate farms. Jensen stated that foreign corporations can purchase agricultural land on my behalf, even though the state bans such purchases. Jensen was disappointed by the high number of deaths in long-term care facilities after Walz stated that the state’s COVID outcomes were better for them than many other states.

Jensen stated that the whole idea of locking down Minnesota is a abomination to government overreach. “This whole idea of locking down Minnesota is absolutely anabomination of government overreach span>

Jensen was applauded when he criticised the Clean Car Rule, a Walz regulation that aims to reduce tailpipe emissions and require car manufacturers to sell more electric cars. Jensen stated that Walz was promoting ethanol production and said he was confused by Walz’s past statements about nuclear power.

MinnPost photo taken by Peter Callaghan
Scott Jensen: “This whole idea of locking down Minnesota indefinitely is an abomination to government overreach.”

“If biofuels were the future, why did Gov. Jensen stated that Walz tried to copy Californian Walz.

Walz also went after Jensen, accusing him both of seeing only negative statistics but neglecting the positive ones.

Walz stated that it is not the job we are applying for. It’s not the job that we are applying for .”

Jensen stated that the pandemic response in the early days of the epidemic kept many workers home, and paid more to jobless people to compensate them. Walz responded with anger. Your governor will never say that Minnesotans are lazy and slumber on their couches as we watch 13,000 of our neighbors go to death.

span style=”font weight: 400 ;”>” Instead of giving false information, join the solution. If you really believe in our people then invest in them, in our teachers and don’t dare to call us lazy.” Walz criticized Jensen for his no-new spending rhetoric and said that the Legislature’s failure to reach a budget and tax compromise was due to tax cuts and spending on public school and public safety.

The forum was focused on farm policy. Candidates competed to demonstrate their support for rural development, building broadband networks, and responding to bird flu outbreaks. Jensen claimed Walz is responsible for imposing environmental regulations on farmers. Walz stated that Jensen seemed to be against all government regulation.

It’s very simple. Jensen stated that farmers should farm, miners should mine, teachers should teach, and government should get out of the way.

Walz stated that lessons from 2015’s bird flu outbreak, which saw 9 million turkeys killed, allowed the state of Florida to better respond to this year’s epidemic that left only 3 million birds dead.

Walz stated that government is needed when such a big event occurs.

MinnPost photo taken by Peter Callaghan
Gov. Tim Walz: “Instead bringing false information to the table, be part of solving the problem.” If you really believe in your people, invest and teach our children. Don’t call us lazy.

The forum did not mention abortion, and the topic of public safety was barely covered. Jensen closed his remarks by citing “a poisonous lawlessness that is sweeping across Minnesota”. The pandemic was a major topic. Jensen’s critique of Walz’s response, Jensen’s criticism of it and Jensen’s role as a questioner about the dangers of COVID-19 were all covered.

Jensen stated that he was skeptical of the government’s push to prescribe certain medical treatments and its resistance to doctors seeking other options. Jensen advocated the use of ivermectin as an antiparasitic drug, but it has been shown that it does not reduce the severity of the infections. He has criticised state medical board members for investigating complaints regarding his promotion of unproven solutions.

Jensen stated that there were cases in Hennepin County, but not in other counties. This made it seem like everyone was under the emperor’s control.

span style=”font weight: 400 We weren’t following science. Jensen stated that we were just making up things as we went.”

Walz replied, “It’s wishful believing that COVID wasn’t real, and you can take Ivermectin or whatever.” However, that is not the truth. You are the governor.

Jensen claimed Walz had frozen during the 2020 riots, and that he would have sent his National Guard to Minneapolis and St. Paul sooner. Walz, without responding directly to Jensen’s accusations, defended the performance by the state police and the guard during the riots.

While standing for the first forum appearance, Walz stated that he had served 24 years in National Guard. It’s more than just watching “Top Gun Maverick” and second guessing as our men and women face gunshots. They were heroes .”

Future forums and debates, which are not yet scheduled, will likely take place in the Twin Cities with a new audience and other issues.

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