Two dozen sheriffs endorse Schultz over Ellison in attorney general race


This is Ryan Faircloth from the Strib: “Nearly twenty-seven Minnesota county sheriffs have endorsed Republican Jim Schultz for his closely monitored race to unseat Democratic attorney general Keith Ellison. On Tuesday, Schultz was endorsed by 22 sheriffs: Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher and Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie. Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart, Washington County Sheriff Dan Starry, and Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie. Fletcher stated that Schultz’s endorsement is his first support for an attorney general candidate during his nearly 50-year career in law enforcement. Schultz has been also endorsed by Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. He stated that he will announce additional law enforcement endorsements over the next few weeks.

The Feeding Our Future indictments in Minnesota are getting national attention from Rolling Stone and Forliti from the AP wrote, “Michael Paul,” a special agent in charge at the Minneapolis FBI Office, described it as an “incredible display of deceit”. Luger stated that the government was charged for more than 125m false meals. Some defendants created names for children using an online random number generator. One form for reimbursement was presented by Luger. It claimed that a site provided exactly 2,500 meals per day, Monday through Friday. No children were ever sickened or left out of the program. The U.S. Department of Justice declared that pandemic fraud prosecution was a top priority earlier this year. Already, the department has taken enforcement actions in relation to more that $8 billion in pandemic fraud, which included bringing charges in over 1,000 criminal cases involving losses exceeding $1.1 billion.

These are more details from the Sahan Journal’s Joey Peters, and Andrew Hazzard: “Some examples property that can be forfeited in one indictment are:

  • Eight pieces of property in Minnesota and Kentucky.

  • Seven cars, including a Porsche Macan as well as a Tesla Model Y
  • Bank accounts that hold millions of dollars
  • Miscellaneous electrical items, jewelry, clothing, or accessories
  • A Louis Vuitton dufflebag was seized from a Dodge Ram 1500 in 2021.
  • Indictments made Tuesday against prominent political figures, non-profit executives and educators have been announced. Today’s indictments include:
  • AimeeBock, founder of Feeding Our Future and former executive director
  • Abdi Salh was a former senior policy advisor to Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey.
  • Sharmarke Issa was a former chair of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority’s Board.
  • Abdiaziz Fariah is a south-metro businessman who was also the founder and former executive Director of a charter school located in Burnsville.
  • Mukhtar Mohamed Sharif, chief executive officer at Afrique Hospitality Group
  • Mahad Ibrahim, Entrepreneur, President and Owner of ThinkTechAct Foundation
  • Abdirahman Mohamud Ahmed also known as Chef Abcos, owner and operator at Safari Restaurant

Sahan Journal has created a complete list of those charged in Tuesday’s charges.”

Stribber Gita Sistamariah reports that Americans were all over Europe this summer, “Restless, buoyed by the strong US dollar, and everywhere else in Europe.” On Tuesday, Ed Bastian (chief executive of Delta Air Lines) said that they are still filling planes heading there this fall. Bastian stated that the airline is flying more to Europe than ever before this fall, during a speech at the Airports Council International annual conference. Delta has extended its summer transatlantic schedules to the rest of the year.

Hannah Yang, MPR News states that Rainbow fentanyl was discovered in southern Minnesota last week during an execution of a search order. On Sept. 16, agents from the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force seized three multicolored pills M30. The pills were found to contain fentanyl after agents conducted a field inspection. Agents discovered the brightly colored pills, which Drug Enforcement Administration officials claim can be mistaken as candy. This was Friday’s first encounter with task force agents. All previous fentanyl pill seizures were made in blue. In late August, the DEA advised the public about multi-colored fentanyl tablets that were being targeted at younger demographics due to their coloring.”

Another MPR News story from Dana Ferguson states, “Most Minnesotans believe crime has increased in recent years,” according to the MPR News/Star Tribune/KARE 11 poll. Overall, 54% said crime has increased while 45% said it had remained flat. Another 1% said it had declined. However, despite the perceived rise in crime, 83% said that they do not fear being threatened or attacked in their own neighborhoods. This is compared to the 17 percent who stated they were concerned about attacks or threats close to their home.

KARE-TV Diane Sandberg said that a 60-year-old man from Minneapolis died after his Harley Davidson collided on I-35W with a Ford Truck. Minnesota State Troopers received a call about a collision on Tuesday just after midnight in the vicinity of I-35W in Minneapolis. Officials stated that a 1988 Harley Davidson Softail, ridden 60 years ago by Larry Dean Lewis from Minneapolis, collided with a Ford F750 driven 48 years old by a Des Moines man. Troopers said both were heading north. Lewis wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.”

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