Transcript recounts moments leading up to Tekle Sundberg shooting


MPR’s Matt Sepic, Jon Collins and Jon Collins report. A 911 transcript released Monday by the city of Minneapolis documents the dramatic moments after Andrew Tekle Sundberg fired a gun into the apartment of his neighbor. After a six-hour standoff in the Seward neighborhood, Sundberg was known to friends and family as Tekle. … A woman later identified as Arabella Fosse-Yarbrough told 911 dispatchers that at most two bullets were fired through her apartment, and went straight through the wall.

Caroline Cummings reports on WCCO-TV: “Gov. Tim Walz stated that the state court case against several Minnesota abortion restrictions was settled and that he will not ask the attorney general for an appeal. … Last week, a Ramsey County judge ruled that many restrictions violate Minnesotans’ right to abortion under the 1995 state constitution. These laws include a 24-hour waiting time; parental notification if minor requests an abortion; disclosures of certain medical information prior to the procedure; and a restriction that doctors can only perform abortions.

Tim Harlow, Star Tribune writer writes Anoka county and Metro Transit are unable to agree on who should be paying for the Northstar commuter train line. This is more than two years after ridership plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Metro Transit claims that the $1.95million check is not sufficient to fulfill the county’s obligations. The Anoka County Board has called it its “full and last payment” to cover 2022 operating costs of Northstar. Metro Transit and Anoka County are battling for payments for the past two years.”

For William Bornhoft said, ” During a demonstration at the state Capitol on Sunday for abortion rights, groups Our Justice and Pro-Choice Minnesota urged the city to fund abortions following the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe. Our Justice stated that it anticipates a “dramatic increase” in Minnesotans traveling to Minnesota for abortion after Roe v. Wade. Minnesota is the most restrictive state in terms of abortion laws, compared to its immediate neighbor. Aisha Chughtai, Robin Wonsley and other Minneapolis council members are urging Mayor Jacob Frey, together with local abortion rights groups to include funding for abortion in the upcoming budget proposal.

Jess Fleming wrote in the Pioneer PressTwin Cities chef, restaurateur, Brian Ingram will be in Washington, D.C., to testify before a U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee of Crime and How it has affected his businesses. Ingram, the owner of Hope Breakfast Bar and The Gnome, and the upcoming downtown St. Paul restaurant, The Apostle, has spoken out about the impact that crime has had on him, his staff, and specifically seven burglaries at his restaurant and office. Ingram stated that he accepted the invitation from Rep. Tom Emmer (R-6th District) and Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), on condition that he did not have to pick a political party.

Devin Ramey, KARE-TV’s says that the Minnesota Aurora FC is one win away of becoming league champions in both its regular season and the USL W League inaugural season. However, the Aurora averaged 5,518 spectators per game which would have put them in the top half for average attendance based on the latest attendance figures collected by Soccer Stadium Digest.

The Washington Post Fred Bernstein wrote that Claes Olenburg, a Swedish-born artist who created humorous caricatures of everyday objects such as lipstick and binoculars, as well as “soft sculptures” of hamburgers and cones, made him a major force in pop art. He died in Manhattan on July 18. He was 93. … One of Mr. Oldenburg’s outdoor installations was a huge cherry that was balanced on a spoon in the Walker Art Center’s sculpture garden in Minneapolis.

According to the AP, ” North Dakota’s only abortion clinic has filed a lawsuit seeking to block a trigger statute banning abortions in the wake U.S. Supreme Court’s reversed national right to abortion. Red River Women’s Clinic has filed a state lawsuit asking for a judge’s declaration of the ban on state abortion unconstitutional or to extend the effective date of July 28.

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