Superior returns sacred sites to Fond du Lac band


MPR News’ Dan Kraker reports the Fond Du Lac Band celebrates the return of sacred places in Superior. one site, where almost 200 Ojibwe people were disinterred at the end of Wisconsin Point in early 1900s, and another at a mass burial site where they were reburied at Superior.

KSTP’s Eric Chaloux holds a career retrospective with Judge Regina Chu. She spent many decades on the bench and sentenced Kimberly Potter, Brooklyn Center Police Officer, to prison in the death Daunte.

Hibah Ansari, Sahan Journal, reports about expansion at The International Institute. This agency is a Twin Cities refugee resettlement office that was understaffed during the Trump Administration. It is currently re-building to accommodate refugees’ needs.

Southwest Voices’ Melissa Whitler takes a look at classroom job openings in Minneapolis Public Schools, that aren’t uniform across the district. The most vacant positions are in special education, middle schools, north and northeast schools.

Jenny Berg of the Star Tribune has an article about Becker’s teachers union memberssuing their school district for a new communication policy that they claim “bans teachers” from sharing any negative information about the district to anyone.

Teller of Penn and Teller with a Minnesota Ren Fest Reminiscence Twitter:

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