State Patrol extends souped-up reckless driver enforcement


Tim Harlow, Star Tribune’s reporter, reports that Minnesota Highway Patrol has increased enforcement. was originally supposed to cease after August. It will continue until the end of 2011.

Bring Me The News’ Tommy Wiita has reported that an Isanti man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1993 murder of Jeanne Ann Childs in Minneapolis.

Josh Verges, a Pioneer Press writer, writes that the University of M will request an additional $200 million in ongoing biennial financing from state — almost 15% more than the $1.38billion it was due to receive in FY 2024-25.

The St. The St.

Jacob Aloi of MPR News reports that there is a new hockey documentary. “I was shocked that no film had been made about Minnesota high school hockey. Tommy Haines, a documentarian from Iron Range, said that you already have ‘Hoop dreams’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’. “There really isn’t that story yet.”

Grace Birnstengel also has an article about how North High honored Deshaun Hills, the 15 year-old quarterback who was killed in a shooting near the school during the school’s first football season.

Do you need to catch up with the morning news? Here’s the Morning Glean.

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