State denies more than 214,000 people for frontline worker bonuses


KMSP’s Theo Keith reported Minnesota denied denials to over 214,000 individuals who applied for frontline worker bonus payments. This is more than we expected. People who have been denied can appeal until August 31.

Also by Theo at KMSP Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey suggests returning the MPD’s police force up to a court-ordered level of 731 officers by 2023. MPD ranks declined from 900 to 564 sworn officers in the early 2020s to 564 this past year.

Kristen Leigh Painter, Star Tribune’s Kristen Leigh Painter, reports that Cargill’s agribusiness giant hit a record $165 Billion in its most recent fiscal year.

David Schuman from CBS Minnesota has an update about the freelance journalist who had his eye removed by an MPD less lethal round. This was in response to unrest following George Floyd’s assassination in 2020. To help her community, she’s spending part the $600,000.00 settlement.

Heidi Wigdahl, KARE, on the booting a 60 year-old shoeshine company from the MSP Airport.

Tommy Wiita from Bring Me The News on Alexis Guerreros who claims he had a bad stay in a downtown Minneapolis hotel because of bedbugs. The hotel said that third-party testing found no bed bugs.

WCCO and the baby animal news: Help is needed from the Minnesota Zoo to name one of its three Amur tiger cubs. Voting will allow people to choose from four names: Vostok, Vasya and Anri.

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