Standoff in St. Michael ends after 44 hours; suspect shot by law enforcement


Mia Laube, Krystal Frasier and Krystal Frasier reported for KSTP TV: ” Authorities report that a standoff between an armed suspect in St. Michael was over after approximately 44 hours. According to the Wright County Sheriff’s Office at 8:30 p.m., Gardas, 39, was taken into custody by law enforcement. Gardas was taken to a nearby hospital and loaded onto a helicopter. Gardas was loaded onto a helicopter and flown to a nearby hospital. The sheriff’s office has not provided any updates on his condition. According to authorities, no law enforcement officers were hurt in the operation.

Amy Forliti writes a AP article: ” Federal prosecutors asked a Judge Wednesday to sentence a former Minneapolis Officer to 25 years imprisonment for violating George Floyd’s rights. They claimed that Derek Chauvin’s actions, which he knelt down on Floyd’s neck while Floyd repeatedly stated that he couldn’t breathe, were cold-blooded. In December, Chauvin pleaded guilty to violating Floyd’s rights. He admitted for the first-time that he placed his knee on Floyd’s neck even though he was unresponsive. This led to Floyd’s death. Chauvin, a white man, confessed that he willfully denied Floyd his right to be free of unreasonable seizure and unreasonable force by police officers during the May 2020 arrest.

Mary Divine reports on the Pioneer Press. One man charged in the shooting death of a Woodbury high school student aged 14 has pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to three year imprisonment. Jaden L. Townsend (21), of St. Paul pleaded guilty to one count each of second-degree assault using a dangerous weapon in Washington County District Court. Townsend was charged with second-degree murder aiding and abetting, and other assault charges, in connection to the killing of Demaris Elkdahl (21 years old), in Maplewood’s 6100 block of Edgewood Avenue, June 5, 2021. This occurred during an alleged shootout that involved the stepfather of the teen.

Jenny Berg reports that 50 people attended the Vote Lead Training. They included a campaign manager who was new to the state, a second-in-command Lt. Governor, and a campaign manager who had been working in the west. Peggy Flanagan. Although the gathering was small in size, the mission was not. The Vote Run Lead non-profit’s mission to flip Minnesota’s Legislature to a majority-women membership in just two elections is

According to the AP: ” An ex-staffer of the Minnesota board that licenses officers is suing the agency alleging she was the victim racial discrimination. Starr Suggs was an administrative specialist with the Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Board for 28 years. She told KSTP TV that the final straw was February when a large crowd gathered to protest Amir Locke’s death. Suggs, who was the only Black member of a staff of around a dozen employees, stated that she was both disturbed and peacefully protested the actions of her white supervisors.

Tom Hubbard also writes for KSTP: “The U.S. attorney for Minnesota has announced a guilty plea by a St. Paul man that attempted to mail drugs inmates at multiple Minnesota prisons. Walter Davis pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including attempted distribution of controlled substances analog, firearms possession by a felon, and fentanyl possession in intent to distribute. The Department of Corrections conducted a March 2021 investigation into the introduction of narcotics in prisons. Authorities claim that Davis tried to send letters to prisoners containing synthetic cannabinoid in April 2021. The letter contained news articles.

NPR’s Lee Strubinger said that South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was removed from office on Tuesday after he hit and killed pedestrian Joe Boever as he drove . Questions arose after the Sept. 2020 accident, including questions about Ravnsborg’s conduct. One such question was that he didn’t immediately know that he had hit Joe Boever while driving. An investigation by police showed that Boever was on the shoulder of the highway when Ravnsborg struck him. Ravnsborg claimed that he didn’t know what he hit, even though he was being interrogated by police. Boever’s body was discovered the next day. Ravnsborg was told by investigators that Boever’s windshield had been broken. Boever’s glasses were found in Ravnsborg’s car.

This is Ben Baker from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Republican legislators who control the state Legislature rejected Wednesday’s special legislative session that was called by Gov. Tony Evers will overturn the 1849 law which would ban abortion in the state unless it is necessary to save the mother’s life. Evers called Wednesday’s session in response to a leaked Supreme Court draft that indicated that a majority of justices were poised to repeal Roe v. Wade. This would leave abortion access laws up for the states. … Evers’ call to the Legislature was met with strong opposition from conservatives. GOP leadership almost instantly outlined plans for the opening of the session and immediately gavel out. This effectively ended any attempts to reverse state’s 19th century abortion law.

Randy Johnson wrote in the Star TribuneSunny skies, mostly blue skies, and 85-degree temperatures provided a beautiful backdrop for Wednesday’s celebration of life for Marion Barber III, former Gophers running back. Gary Hines and The Sounds of Blackness provided the relaxing soundtrack. Barber’s No. Barber’s No. 21 jersey was worn by the Gophers while others wore his No. 24 with the Dallas Cowboys — Barber, nine days short of his 39 th birthday, was said farewell at his Frisco apartment.

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