Slightly more than half of Minnesotans oppose SCOTUS’ overturning of Roe, poll finds


According to a Star Tribune poll, slightly more than half the Minnesotans disapprove of the U.S. Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe V. Wade,.

According to Politico’s Olivia Beavers House Republicans are lining themselves in support for Rep. Tom Emmer , who is from Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District. For whip, should Republicans retake control of the U.S. House.

Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press’ Juan A. Lozano, reports that a Texas Board denied George Floyd’s request for a posthumous pardon. This was in response to his 2004 drug arrest. An ex-Houston officer, who was under surveillance after a deadly raid on drugs, made the arrest.

MPR’s Dan Kraker reports Cirrus Afton, a small aircraft manufacturer, has announced that it will build a new center for aircraft design at the airport.

KSTP staff report that the U of M wants $2.8 million of funding from the city to install more lighting on campus. This is in response to concerns about crime near campus.

Becky Dernbach , Sahan Journal, has an article on how the Secretary of State might have huge implications for immigrants to Minnesota. “Kim Crockett has asked if people who cannot read English should be allowed to vote in Minnesota,” said Kim Crockett, the Republican candidate. Steve Simon, the Democratic incumbent, points to his track record of expanding translation and interpretation services for immigrants voters.

Olivia Stevens reports for the Pioneer Press that there is a new coffeeshop and a new clothing shop at University Avenue and Dale Street, St. Paul. Urban 29 and Flava Cafe are both owned by Black female entrepreneurs. They are located in the Frogtown Crossroads Building. Mike Temali, founder and CEO of Neighborhood Development Committee, said that it is a great psychological boost for the community to have a place to gather. “The fact that it is Black women entrepreneurs is a big message to this community… and business owners building wealth and building culture, holding ground essentially are branding this corner as dynamic, entrepreneurial space.”

Star Tribune’s Susan Du and Zoe Jackson take a deep look at how tree canopy impacts neighborhoods in Minneapolis. They also provide visuals to show how the tree cover changed in North Minneapolis after and before the 2011 tornado.

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