Scott Jensen lacks military experience yet criticizes Walz for leaving National Guard after 24 years


This is Stribber Rochelle Olson, “Gov. His 24-year-long military career with the Minnesota National Guard is being attacked by , his GOP rival. Scott Jensen, a former state senator, stood alongside veterans to attack Walz’s 2005 departure from the guard, just before the battalion that he led was deployed in Iraq. Walz claims he quit the guard to run in Congress. Jensen narrowly avoided the Vietnam-era Draft, but said that Walz’s departure of the governor from the guard follows a pattern. It’s ‘just one of many instances… in which Tim Walz failed leadership and ran from his duty. ‘”

An AP story by Giovanna Del’Orto states: “Before attending Sunday morning service, Queen Sonja Norway praised Mindekirken congregation for maintaining worship in Norwegian for the 100 years the church has been in Minneapolis. She spoke to the approximately 500 people present, saying, “It’s amazing to realize that Mindekirken continues to fulfill that purpose’ of building community, and preserving culture, and language.” They had waited for over an hour in this small neighborhood, in cold fall weather in the 40s — single-digits Celsius like Oslo — to join the service.

A Politico story by Paul Demko states that there is no legal cannabis market anywhere in the country like the one in Minnesota. What’s been achieved so far is a strange experiment in quasi-legalization. It’s caused concern about safety and health for the public and sent cities and counties scrambling for regulations. Anyone can make high-inducing gummy Bears in their basement without the need for state licensing.

Jessica Johnson wrote an opinion piece in the Strib that “Winona’s counterpoint [Latest mine scheme] is another assault upon Indigenous rights,” Opinion Exchange, Oct. 9), was disappointing for the 73 Minnesotans trying to develop Tamarack Nickel Project (Aitkin County) in a way that respects tribe history, culture, and tribal sovereign governments. It also seeks to establish new economic benefit sharing and economic participation opportunities for tribal governments. I’m proud to have been part of the team that will submit a mining plan for environmental review in early next year. We believe that this plan will preserve the natural environment and produce the minerals required in the clean-energy transition. The plan will also be informed by more than 100 community listening and engagement sessions that were held in the past year with a range of stakeholders from Aitkin and Carlton.

Eamon whalen profiles Mother Jones in Hennepin County. He writes that Myon Burrell was sentenced to a reduced sentence for Tyesha Edwards’ 2002 murder. “Moriarty cited Burrell’s support of her campaign early as a sign of the kind of change she would bring. Moriarty said that Burrell was a public defender in Hennepin County, and that he wanted to support me because he believed I would make the system more fair for all. However, he wasn’t involved in the case.

Deevon Rahming from KARE-11 reports that “Leaders of the state’s Department of Natural Resources now are urging residents in Minnesota and the southern region of the state to conserve water to limit the negative effects ahead of next spring. Ben Dery, KARE-11 meteorologist, stated that the water table is at an all-time low and ground water levels are continuing to fall. Without any rain over the next few weeks, you will be at a low point already primed for drought when we enter spring 2023. The DNR estimates that the average Minnesotan consumes 52 gallons per day. This can be decreased by reducing showers, increasing laundry loads and checking for leaks.

A CNN story by Katie Lobosco states that Fabian Jones stated that he has spent time at all the shelters in Minneapolis over the years. Jones said that Jones was able to turn his life around at Homeward Bound where a person is treated “like a human being.” It is a shelter that is culturally specific and offers American Indian rituals such as smudging. This ceremony is meant to remove negative energy. There are a variety of services available for mental and physical health. Lockers are available to store personal belongings. “… Jones is just one of many people in Hennepin County, the largest county in Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed by police. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, have moved from the streets to permanent housing.

Another AP article states that the North Dakota Supreme Court extended the deadline for a lower-court judge to review his decision to stop the state’s ban on abortion from going into effect. The judge cited health and workload as reasons. The state Supreme Court ordered Judge Bruce Romanick earlier this week to consider the chances that an abortion clinic will win a lawsuit to determine if he had made the right decision to temporarily suspend enforcement of the ban. His original instructions were to report back Monday. Romanick stated that the deadline was too difficult ‘given all the duties of any judicial officers throughout the state’. To compound matters, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Thursday and placed in quarantine.

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