Report: Stark racial inequities in Century Link’s Minneapolis broadband offerings


Becky Dernbach of Sahan Journal and reporting from The Markup said, “Fifty bucks a month can get very different CenturyLink internet services depending on where you live in Minneapolis, According to a new analysis by Leon Yin at The Markup, an investigative news site about tech, Leon Yin, and Aaron Sankin, basic internet service can be obtained at 10 megabits per se — which is below the federal definition for broadband. CenturyLink has a variety of faster options in higher-income areas like Longfellow or Kingfield. One plan offers 500 megabits per sec — 50 times faster than the average. This 500-megabit plan is available in wealthy neighborhoods. The price is the same as for the 10-megabit plan available in lower-income areas: $50, plus $15 per month to rent a modem strong>

Pioneer Press reports that the COVID-19 pandemic did not spare any state or region. It caused significant learning setbacks for America’s children, erasing decades worth of academic progress, and widening racial inequalities. The results of a national exam provide the most detailed look yet at the extent of the crisis. The test results showed that Minnesota is no longer the leader in math and its reading scores have fallen to the level of the national average. … These findings are from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the “nation’s score card”, which was used to test hundreds of thousands of fourth- and eighth-graders across the country.

At Yahoo!news, Michael Lee wrote. Minnesota Attorney general Keith Ellison has been under fire for saying he doesn’t know anyone who supports defunding police, despite having attended a campaign event for Rep. Ilhan Olam, D-Minn. Ellison stated that he didn’t know anyone who believed we should defund police. However, he was at a rally supporting Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rep. Cori Bus, D.Mo.

Dan Gunderson reports for MPR News. The “Minnesota Senate district 2 boundaries were redrawn in this year’s Minnesota Senate . They moved to the east to include the Leech Lake Band Ojibwe. Red Lake, Leech Lake, and White Earth now make up the district, which includes three of the largest tribal nations in Minnesota. Alan Roy, the DFL Candidat, expects strong support from Native voters.”

According to the Minnesota DNR, a KMSP TV story states that a hybrid sunfish (a cross between two species of sunfish) was caught by an angler in northern Minnesota . Aaron Ardoff caught a 12-ounce, 1-pound hybrid sunfish from Green Lake, Kandiyohi county on Sept. 18.

Duluth News Tribune article by Peter Passi states that the former St. Louis County Jail will be renamed Leijona. Developer Meghan Elliott stated that the building’s name and logo are derived from the granite facade’s ornamentation. She pointed out that prominent images depicting lions are actually incorporated into the exteriors of the Civic Center buildings. Elliott stated that “Nobody wants to live inside a building called jail.”

Katie Teague, a article, says that Social Security and Supplemental Security income beneficiaries will receive an 8.7% cost-of-living adjustment (or COLA) starting in January. However, SSI beneficiaries will receive their first increase in December. The Social Security Administration follows a strict schedule when it sends out monthly payments. For those who are eligible for SSI, the payment is almost always sent on the first day of each month. Your payment may not arrive on the first day of a month if it falls on a weekend or holiday. The first day of January 2023 falls on a holiday or a weekend.

Sports Illustrated has announced the first season’s power-rankings. Kyle Wood says: “13. Minnesota Timberwolves (Record : 2-1). It’s hard to believe that Minnesota lost to the Jazz in their first meeting following the Gobert trade. Minnesota’s new big man, who averaged 13+ points per game, has been a rebounding machine. He managed to grab 18 boards per contest and the Timberwolves still have plenty of offense. It’s difficult to interpret a pair against the Thunder and the upcoming schedule against Spurs (three times in a week), as well as the Lakers’ lack of information about the T-Wolves’ state.

MPR News’ Paul Huttner stated that September was the driest month on record in the Twin Cities, with only.24 inches of rain. It looks like October will be one of the driest months in Minnesota and the Twin Cities. The forecast maps show that Halloween will be dry through the remainder of the week. It seems very likely that October will end with around.20 inches of rain in the Twin Cities. This would make it the 6th driest October since 1871. “We’re now down almost 10 inches below the average precipitation in the Twin Cities, much of southern Minnesota, and this year,”

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