Red Cross volunteers from Minnesota in Florida for Hurricane Ian


Jennifer Hoff from KARE-11 reports there is 30 volunteers in Minnesota and the Dakotas, with 50 more on standby at Jacksonville, waiting for hurricane Ian to make landfall. Kyle Parkinson, evacuation shelter supervisor, said that although it may not reach category level, it can still cause great devastation. ” Our response was at level seven.

Eric Rasmussen, KSTP, is reporting on the U.S. The Minneapolis Police Department is under investigation by the Department of Justice for its handling of Elisa Gomez’s 2016 death. The case was closed as an apparent suicide by detectives. However, in 2019, an investigator from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (and its Office of Justice Programs) sent a memo to the MPD asking them to reexamine the case. They cited a lack of follow up with witnesses and inconsistent stories.

Kirsti Martohn from MPR News reports despite the heavy spring rains , a drought (not quite as severe as last years) is spreading through Minnesota, leaving farmers hopeful for heavy snowfall this winter. Luigi Romolo (a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources state climatologist) said, “We’re experiencing very, very dry circumstances.”

Shannon Prather at the Star Tribune remembers police officer-turned-politician Tony Bennett who died Monday from complications related to Parkinson’s disease. Bennett was a moderate Republican who served on the Ramsey County Board as well as the State Legislature.

Via the Current: Walker Art Center executive Director Mary Ceruti, and MPR president Duchesne DUCESSNE Drew announced that the summer music festival Rock the Garden would be ending after a highly acclaimed final installment in June.

Babs Santos of FOX9 profiles Eagan resident Rachel Stienstra. Although she only learned how to ride a motorcycle six years ago but has since ridden throughout Iceland, Canada and Mexico. Stienstra, along with a group of twelve women from various biking groups, just returned from cycling across Pakistan. This was to raise money and awareness about the needs of women living in patriarchal societies.

Randy Furst of the Star Tribune recalls photographer Regene “Reggie” Radniecki who worked for the Minneapolis Tribune from 1972 to 1973. She was a sports photographer who battled sexism. Her coverage included photos and writing about rural life in Poland and during the American Indian Movement occupation of Wounded Knee. She was 74.

Sophia Barnes, NBC’s affiliate station, Washington, D.C., reported last night’s Lizzo concert in Capital One Arena. She played a 200-year old crystal flute that President James Madison gave her.

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