Pumpkin spice lattes and the election



We are now done with the Minnesota State Primary, State Fair, and Labor Day. This can only mean one thing around MinnPost: Pumpkin spice lattes.

This, and the election in 2022.

Before I arrived at Marcy-Holmes’ global headquarters in 2014 with my family, government, politics, and elections were the cinnamon butter and raisin bread of MinnPost. It was also established here that we would cover all this differently, with less gossip and horse racing calls, and more analysis and explanation about what is going on and why.


We try to provide guides for readers and voters such as Who’s Running? and Races to Watch and campaign finance dashboards. We are confident in our abilities and plan to succeed with Walker Orenstein and me taking on the legislative and statewide races, D.C. correspondent Ana Radalat following Congress races, Greta Kalu leading our MinnPost/Change Research poll, and Mohamed Ibrahim keeping an eye on Ramsey and Hennepin counties.

All of which leads to the question: Pumpkin spice lattes are quite affordable, but all other items can be quite expensive. We’d love to receive a donation.


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