Public safety work group recommends overhauling training, discipline for Minneapolis police officers


– Public Safety Work Group recommends reforming their training and discipline

Andy Mannix, Star Tribune reports that leaders from , a citizen-led safety committee established by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, called for elected officials to transform the way the Police Department recruits, trains, and holds officers responsible. To rewrite the training curriculum, the Community Safety Work Group asked city leaders to hire an Indianapolis-based police company. Nekima Levy, an activist and civil rights lawyer who co-chairs the group, stated that the system for disciplining officers who violate the rules is also inadequate and needs large-scale changes.

WCCO TV reports: ” A minimum of a dozen firearms as well as thousands of rounds were found at the residence of a man facing several charges in relation to a St. Michael standoff last week. Brandon Gardas, 39 is facing two counts each of attempted murder and two counts each of first-degree assault and possession of ammo/firearm after he was convicted of a crime involving violence. These charges were filed in Wright County on Monday.

Liz Sawyer also wrote in the Star Tribune. The Minneapolis Police Department revamped their system for selecting and supervising field training officers. This program allowed Derek Chauvin, despite citizen complaints, to continue as a mentor to rookie cops. … . These changes are in response to a City Audit in June2021, in which it was found that the Police Department’s field training officer system was decentralized and lacked accountability. Sometimes, trainers were allowed to operate without much scrutiny.”

Fox 9’s Rob Olson reports. An innocent bystander was injured in a shooting close to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. He was struck in the head by an unidentified bullet during a wedding celebration…. According to his family, Tyler King, 34, was visiting Minneapolis from Nashville, when he was gunned down. King and his brother in law, according to the family, left the house at one point to take a woman to her vehicle to make sure she was safe. Police say that the group was walking when they heard 30 shots ring out. One of them struck King in the head.

Devin Ramey, says that the Minnesota Twins have partnered with KARE-TV to bring Cole Swindell, a Grammy-nominated country music star , to Target Field in a first-ever post-game concert.

KARE also has this from Alexandra Simon. ” Nearly eighty years after his death, a Minnesotan who was killed in World War II will be buried at Normandy American Cemetery. According to the U.S Army Human Resources Command, McGowan, who was a member of the 391st Fighter Squadron, 366th Fighter Group, 9th U.S. Air Force. McGowan was 23 years old when his P-47 Thunderbolt plane crashed on a mission close to Saint-Lo in France.

MPR, Cathy Wurzer, Simone Cazares ask, “What do I get when you mix Cool Whip with Snickers bars and vanilla pudding mix, chopped apple and marshmallows?” This recipe is for a Minnesota staple salad that’s a regular at Minnesota potlucks. Amber Estenson, a Minnesota-based TikTok creator, is sharing her Minnesota-based salad recipes with the world. She is from Frazee in Minnesota. Estenson has more than 700,000. TikTok followers. Her most viewed video is her Snickers recipe. It has more than 3,000,000 views.

Joe Sneve, the Sioux Falls Argus leader, says that “if complaints against Gov. Kristi Noem’s claims that she used her office to gain personal advantage are valid. The South Dakota House of Representatives should consider removing her from office if there are complaints against Gov. Ravnsborg stated to the Argus Leader that there is now a process for impeachment. This was after a meeting of the Government Accountability Board, in which two complaints against Noem were addressed.

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