Poll: Half of Minnesotans say rising prices are a minor stressor


Hunter Woodall, Star Tribune, reports that half the Minnesotans consider rising prices a minor stressor and a third consider them major stressors , according to Star Tribune/MPR News/KARE 11. Minnesota Poll.

Stephen Montemayor, The Strib’s Stephen Montemayor, reports that Mike Lindell has sued federal over his seizure at a Mankato Hardee last Wednesday.

MPR staff that officers responded to multiple hoax school shootings on Wednesday.

Giovanna dell’Orto wrote a piece for the Associated Press about how climate changes, invasive species, and pollution are threatening Leech lake members’ wild rice harvest.

Jason DeRusha of WCCO talks with Justin Sutherland , chef, about his new cookbook and the life-threatening boating accident he was involved in earlier this summer.

Rachel Hutton of the Star Tribune reports on Avivo Village. This community is believed to be the first indoor tiny-home community in the country and houses 100 people who were previously homeless. The boxy houses look almost like ice fishing homes and are laid out in rows with nature-themed street names in English or Ojibwe. Hutton writes that Cynthia Lamas has had a stable home in her first year since she was released from prison. It featured a unicorn painting at its front window.

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