New KSTP poll: GOP Rep. Brad Finstad up by 9 points in 1st Congressional District


Rep. Brad Finstad


Tom Hauser reports

A new poll has revealed that

Republican Rep. Brad Finstad leads DFLer Jeff Ettinger

By 9 percentage points

Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District. This is the first time that this district has seen a wide margin in favor of one candidate in nearly a decade. These races were extremely close. Previously, it was down to one-half point.

Era Atre of Kare 11 reports that Steve Sviggum resigned from his position as Vice Chair of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. He said that the Morris campus was “too diverse” and that he would not be serving another term .

The staff of Bring Me the News reported that the Roseville homicide suspect, who was the subject a push notification sent widely to the Twin Cities, was arrested.

CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski tweeted that ex-President Donald Trump had endorsed GOP Secretary Of State candidate Kim Crockett via a post to Truth Social. Trump falsely claimed that Minnesota was a state where election fraud is rampant .”

Jeremy Olson, Star Tribune’s Jeremy Olson, reports that hospital job vacancies increased by three times in the past year. This is due to a variety of factors, including rising labor costs, residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the aging baby boomer generation entering retirement.

Susan Du of The Star Tribune reports that Minneapolis plans to purchase the Speedway in George Floyd Square. “The owner wants the gas station to be sold to the city to assume responsibility for any environmental contamination or security needs.” Protestors oppose this and claim that it feels unfair to them “.

Nick Halter, Axios Twin Cities, writes that there’s been a substantial increase in urban housing. He estimates that there will be 22,371 new units by 2021. Although there is a lot of housing available, only 10% can be afforded.

Charmaine Nero of WCCO reports that a North Minneapolis church purchased the gas station next to it in an attempt to address the drug and crime issues. Attorney General Keith Ellison announced that the two businesses Merwin Liquors (and Winner Gas Station), both located one block apart, had been placed on notice for “unlawful, public nuisance activity”.

Jay Boller of Racket talks to Paul Demko on Minnesota marijuana reform and politics. Demko was a Minnesota journalist before moving to Washington to cover marijuana.

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