New data: Inflation slows slightly but continues to hit hard


This morning, the Associated Press reported on new inflation numbers. They show a slight decrease in inflation compared to previous month. Although gasoline prices are down in August, many other items consumers purchase continued to rise in August.

CBS Minnesota’s Pauleen Le reports visiting nurses arrived at local hospitals on Day 2 of the nurses strike. The nurses are seeking higher wages and greater input on staffing levels.

Jenny Berg from The Strib reports that a jury convicted Stearns County man of stalking and assaulting a family due to their race.

KSTP’s Ben Henry reported that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey didn’t sign off on a plan to decrease the size of the Hiawatha golf course, which was the first city-owned facility to open to Black golfers. Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board approved the master plan to reduce the course’s size from 18 to nine holes. It was also intended to address flooding issues. Frey’s office stated that the move was made out of respect for Black golfers . The plan was approved without the mayor’s veto. KSTP states: “Those who want to preserve the 18 holes and keep its cultural significance feel it still sends an important message.”

On Racket by Minnesota Historian, Josh Biber writes about the Twin Cities’ lost waterfalls : “Meet those that became parking lots or warehouses and discover the lesser-traveled, but still very much there falls.”

Sharyn Jackson, Star Tribune’s reports some of Minneapolis’ pre-pandemic power lunch places are now open for midday dining.

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