Minnesota nurses strike set for today in Twin Cities, Moose Lake, Duluth


Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV, says that the three-day strike of Minnesota nurses is scheduled for Monday morning. At 7 a.m. on Monday, 15,000 nurses will strike against 16 major hospitals in Duluth, Moose Lake, and Twin Cities. Leaders claim this is the largest strike by nurses in American history. M Health Fairview and Essentia will be affected, along with Health Partners, Allina Health and Allina Health. Children’s, North Memorial, and St. Luke’s will also be affected.

This is Stribber Tim Harlow. “In a survey that was conducted earlier in the year, the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services discovered that school bus drivers throughout the state committed 1,003 stop-arm violations. DPS has given more than $6.2million to schools and transportation companies this year to help catch illegal drivers.

Hannah Yang reports that Willmar’s public schools have hired teachers from the Philippines to fill their staffing gaps this year. This is the first time Willmar Public Schools has hired teachers from abroad to fill vacant positions. The district reached out to International Teach Alliance to help them find teachers who are qualified to teach in the United States. Zoom and Willmar school officials interviewed five candidates to fill five teacher vacancies. Once his visa arrives, another teacher from Nicaragua will join the group in Willmar.

This is Adam Uren from BringMeTheNews. “Four teenager boys tried to kidnap a 70-year old man in Minneapolis on Saturday night. Minneapolis Police Department: “Preliminary Information indicates that four juvenile males tried to carjack a 70-year-old male at gunpoint in Minneapolis Saturday evening. The boys fled the scene, jumping a fence and running towards I-94. ‘”

According to a criminal complaint, states that a Minneapolis man was charged with three counts each of murder and attempted murder in a shooting incident that occurred over the weekend. The incident left two people injured and three others dead. According to authorities, Antonio Dupree Wright, 41 years old, entered a St. Paul duplex through the back door and raised a gun before shooting at the residents. A probable cause statement states that he shot 44-year old Maisha Spaulding in her head while she was sitting on a couch. Then he shot Angelica Gonzales, 33, in the head and Cory Freeman 42 as he attempted to flee. All three of them died. According to authorities, Wright was wearing a ski mask and continued shooting at others in the duplex. According to the complaint, Wright was found outside with gunshot wounds. A woman and a man were also found. Another man, however, had fallen under a couch and survived the attack.

The Strib says Kim Hyatt states. Xcel Energy claims a squirrel was responsible for the brief, widespread outage Sunday morning that left 9500 customers without power in northeast Minneapolis. Xcel spokesperson Lacey Nygard stated that the squirrel caused the outage after it came in contact with our equipment.

The Washington Post Jennifer Rubin writes that “Republican Senator Ron Johnson has a national reputation for being the most helpful Senate candidate — to Democrats.” He voted against a $35 limit on insulin, against giving the Department of Health and Human Services power to negotiate with drug companies and against a $2,000 cap for seniors’ out-of-pocket drug costs. Johnson also opposed the extension of Affordable Care Act subsidies, which save over 200,000 Wisconsinites approximately $800 per month. Johnson has criticised Biden’s student-loan relief plan, even though, according to the NPR outlet, “The most recent U.S. Department of Education data show that 721,400 Wisconsinites had an average of $30581 (debt) and held more than $23.5B in federal student loans. These figures project a strongly anti populist, anti worker message.

KELO-TV South Dakota Jacob Newton reports: “KELOLAND News has been looking through nearly five years worth of state plane flight logs to find out where and when South Dakota Governor KristiNoem flew. She has flown 21 times out-of-state since becoming governor. … Noem flew from San Antonio to Texas on Sept. 27, 2019. She attended the NRA’s Women’s Leadership Forum. At which point she was listed as a special visitor. Noem flew to Boca Raton (Florida) for the Republican Governors Association conference. Noem flew again to Las Vegas on December 12, 2019 for the meeting of The Western Governors Association. Noem flew to Manassas (Virginia) on December 15, 2019. then met up with Donald Trump two days later to discuss regulation. Noem visited Texas’ southern border on July 26, 2021.

In the Strib Chris Hine said that “Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards” apologized for posting a video to his Instagram account in which he made homophobic remarks toward the LGBTQ+ community. Edwards deleted the video from his Instagram story. However, Edwards acknowledged that he was speaking in this video. It went viral on Twitter Sunday afternoon. In a tweet, he stated that ‘What I said to you was hurtful and disrespectful’ and that he is deeply sorry. It is unacceptable for me to use such hurtful language, and there is no excuse. Edwards was raised to be better than this! “In the video Edwards is driving at night in a car and zooms in on people walking along a sidewalk nearby with his phone. Edwards makes a comment about what he believes is their sexual orientation based on the way they are dressed. He uses the word “queer” as his own. Then he said “Look what the rest of the world has done, bruh,” while a woman’s voice laughs behind him.

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