Minneapolis City Council member among many identity theft victims


Kim Hyatt, Strib’s Kim Hyatt reports that Linea Palmisano, a woman who opened a Best Buy credit card account, made Cherkasov nervous. Cherkasov stated that she knew that she was using some substance because of the way she behaved. Cherkasov noticed that her face was not the same as the one on her paperwork after the woman was approved. … Soon, Linea Palmisano, a Minneapolis City Councilmember, received a message inquiring if she had opened a Best Buy credit line. The fake Palmisano was soon detained by police.

Sally Jo Sorensen, Bluestem Prairie says In the case challenging Republican Senator Torrey Westrom’s residency, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that he may continue to be on the ballot. The decision was made Tuesday afternoon and concluded that Westrom’s evidence supporting his claim that he now lives in SD 12 is not sufficient. The evidence still establishes that Westrom has lived at Lake Mary property since May 7, 2022 despite the fact that he moved so quickly after SD 12’s boundaries were changed by redistricting. Westrom is therefore eligible to run as a senator in Senate District 12.

KARE-TV’s Dana Thiede explains that officials who oversee one of Minnesota’s premier lakes are increasing speed limits to protect small craft boaters as well as residents. The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District voted to modify a rule that requires watercraft operating on Lake Minnetonka must travel at least 5 miles per hour within 300 feet of shore. This is twice the current 150 foot limit.

MPR News Kirsti Martohn says, “The trees of Goose Island near the Minnesota-Wisconsin border are subject to flooding.” The Mississippi River floodwaters inundate the bottomland forest almost every spring. They then recede in the summer. Along with willow, cottonwood, and ash, silver maples and rare swampwhite oak trees flourish. Andy Meier sees trouble when he looks up at the trees. Floodplain forests also have another benefit. They slow down water flow and trap nutrients and sediment, which reduces downstream pollution. This important ecosystem has been showing signs and stress from constant high water.”

Will Ragatz of Sports Illustrated reports that the Vikings have reportedly dropped Wyatt Davis and Chazz Surratt. They join KellenMond and Janarius Roberts as middle-round draft picks for the 2021 draft. You can track all of Minnesota’s roster movements here. The 2021 class has been completely destroyed by a new regime that has no ties to those players. It’s quite wild. Just 16 months after being selected, the Vikings waived three third-round picks as well as a fourth-rounder. This is extremely rare .

Another KARE article states that hundreds of college students will be moving onto the University of Minnesota campus on Tuesday while U workers host an informational picket. The picket will begin at 2 p.m. on Tuesday and continue until 5 p.m. at Centennial Hall, Minneapolis campus. Custodians, gardeners and other service workers are calling for an end to discrimination, low wages, homelessness and homelessness.

Omar Villafranca, WCCO-TV reports that “Jill Breckenridge now has a friend at her Minnesota nursing facility — but it’s not a human being. It’s , a robot named Pepper who can communicate with residents and even dance with them. The robot is part a pilot program to help seniors mentally and physically in the face of staff shortages in nursing homes. Pepper has a special ability to use new technology to bring back old memories for dementia patients. Pepper shows Breckenridge, who is 83 years old, a video that contains photos of her past. The memories flood back.

Adam Uren, BringMeTheNews, says that fast-casual restaurant chain Sweet Paris Creperie and Cafe announced its expansion to Minnesota. It plans four locations in the Twin Cities. The Houston-based company said Tuesday that it had struck a multi-unit deal to bring four stores to Minneapolis-St. Paul. … The company was recently ranked 17th in the country on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2022 list of the top new and emerging franchise.

The Minnesota Reformer Baylor Spears, Michelle Griffith wrote that a mother sat down near Scott Jensen’s campaign booth to attach ‘Walz Failure’ buttons to each of her children. Fairgoers enjoyed a refreshing drink from ‘Walz Failed’ fans outside the Miracle of Birth barn. As the Republican party seeks to unseat the governor, a plane circling overhead shouted ‘Walz Failure’ every few minutes. Tim Walz will be out of office after a term. Jensen, a former state senator and family doctor from Chaska, will be elected. … St. Paul couple Tom Alexander and Laura Alexander expressed gratitude to Jensen, who entered the race. They are grateful for his opposition to COVID-19, , which he has compared with creeping Nazism. We need a state change. Tom Alexander stated that “We are not happy with Walz’s handling of both the 2020 riots and COVID.” It was complete shutdowns without any science to support it strong>

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