Meet the Hennepin County Attorney candidate: Saraswati Singh


Meet the Hennepin County attorney candidate

Saraswati Singh works as a Ramsey County Attorney’s Office prosecutor. Because of her diverse experience in the legal system, she believes she is the best qualified candidate. She also believes that her personal experience makes her an ideal candidate for the Hennepin County Attorney.

Singh, 38, grew up in New York City but has been living in Minneapolis for more than 10 years. Singh, a descendant of Indian immigrants, grew up hearing stories about her grandfather’s treatment of him with “white only” signs at drinking fountains. She also witnessed her father being discriminated against because of his hair color after 9/11. Her mother banned water guns, the transparent kind that looks like an actual pistol, from her childhood. A Black boy lived nearby was mistakenly given the water gun as a gun by the police.

Singh believes that public safety can be achieved through racial equity, and vice versa. Low-level drug cases. Singh stated that research has shown that Blacks use drugs at a higher level than whites.

Singh stated that despite the fact that most people accused of drug offenses in Minnesota are Black, it is still possible to find them in Hennepin County. Singh believes that low-level drug cases should not be pursued and that resources should be directed at violent crime.

span style=”font weight: 400 This way, we are addressing racial disparity and at the same time, addressing safety,” Singh stated.

Singh is a Ramsey County Prosecutor and handles cases such as murder, sexual assault, or domestic abuse. Singh is also a Ramsey County Attorney’s Office mentor, trainer, and recruiter. She was responsible for diversity and inclusion efforts in the office, including training and education plans, as well as discussions about race since George Floyd’s death.

span style=”font weight: 400 We talk about how many of the people protesting were speaking to us,” Singh stated.

Singh has also worked at the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, the U.S. attorney’s office in Minneapolis and Legal Aid. She was also a staffer for two federal judge. She said that she worked on civil and criminal cases, ranging from veterans and civil rights to accessing education and Social Security disability benefits.

Singh stated that she would not prosecute abortion if she is elected. Police accountability is an issue that Singh considers a priority.

Singh was responsible for holding police accountable at the Minnesota State Attorney’s Office. She worked with more than 60 Minnesota police departments. Singh claimed that she found a police officer lying after reviewing body camera footage.

Singh reported Singh’s fabrication to the supervisor of the police officer. She checked in later and discovered that the officer had been promoted.

span style=”font weight: 400 Holding people responsible is more than just prosecuting cases. Singh explained that it means that if you notice bad behavior, you take it seriously. The top manager calls the other person in the management and makes it clear that they need to do something immediately.

Singh believes that police accountability is a matter of public safety because if police don’t hold them accountable, it can lead to a loss in public trust in the legal system. Singh stated that she spoke to potential witnesses after Floyd’s murder and said they refused to testify in cases because they believed [prosecutors] were part the system and that [we were like] Derek] Chauvin span>

Singh stated that she will notify the police leadership if an officer behaves inappropriately. She also said that she will see that the “consequences escalate” if they continue to do so. Singh also assigned a Hennepin County attorney as a Minneapolis Police Department member to ensure that the officers are receiving the proper training on excessive force, the law, and best practices.

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