Math classes ‘elbow-to-elbow’ at Henry High under Minneapolis teacher shortages


Melissa Whitler, Southwest Voices’ reports that there are vacancies at Minneapolis’ Patrick Henry High school. Plans to address the problem have documents that show two sections of math were canceled due to the math department vacancy. Conor Wells, a math teacher, says these cancellations have resulted in combining sections and larger classes in the remaining sections. He also stated that some sections had 34 or more students this year. He says that there aren’t enough seats in some sections or students are sitting together. Wells stated “Some students refuse to attend class because they see how full it is.”

MPR’s Matt Sepic reports that a Chicagoman was sentenced to death for the murder of a local youth coach during a road rage shooting at Hwy. 169.

MPR’s Lisa Ryan reported Ramsey County will correct ballots that incorrectly listed the name of a House Candidate who has died.

The Strib’s Jeremy Olson reports Fairview Health reached a tentative agreement with psych workers, despite the ongoing strike by Allina mental healthcare workers.

Tim Harlow, Star Tribune’s reporter reports that the state offers same-day drivers licenses . (What? No temporary paper copy??) Lakeville and Moorhead pilot sites.

A former City Pages music editor, Keith Harris, co-owner of Racket and coeditor, wrote the “Rolling Stones” tribute to Loretta Lynn . Her death was announced Tuesday.

Laura Yuen, a columnist for Strib has some useful advice to anyone trying protect their seasonal stoop pumpkins or gourds against squirrels.

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