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You have one last chance to receive a generous $10,000 match from the Minneapolis Foundation. The Minneapolis Foundation will match your $15 monthly MinnPost gift 12 times for $180 extra for our nonprofit newsroom. They will also match one-time gifts up to $1,000!


We are grateful to the Minneapolis Foundation and this is why it matters: To keep our independent, thoughtful journalism free for all readers, we need community support.

We are able to report in depth on Minnesota’s politics, people and policies through donations of any size from readers like yourself. This is especially important in an election year with a large midterm.

Would you support our work and maximize the generous match from The Minneapolis Foundation by making a monthly gift of any amount?


This is your last chance to play in the match. However, we want you to know how much MinnPost appreciates you supporting our work and reading MinnPost. We are grateful that you care about Minnesota’s future, and for joining our non-profit newsroom to support our journalism.

We are grateful to everyone who donated during the summer member drive. People often share their motivations for donating when they do. Here are some recent donations:

“The reporting was timely, thoughtful and thorough in these uncertain times.” — Barbara St. Paul

“Objective journalism must be a part of a healthy democracy.” George, St. Louis Park

“I get less corporate view” — Scott Minneapolis

“I appreciate your thoughtful and accurate reporting.” — Anonymous donor. St. Paul


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