In the week before Election Day, where are you turning?


Mailers are flooding mailboxes. Pollsters are ringing voters. The candidates are debating. Campaigns are texting unabated. We’re heading towards Election Day, whether we’re ready or not.

The MinnPost newsroom works hard to ensure Minnesotans are ready to vote and fully understand the issues. We are not here to tell you every candidate’s blunder or mean tweet. We’re instead looking at the key issues and how they might impact life in the state. What are the issues that affect the governor’s race What are the political trends in Iron Range? Who is the top voter on abortion? What influence does crime and public safety have on the campaigns for attorney general?

Our non-profit newsroom is dependent on you, our readers! These are important questions. Just one week remains until Election Day. Do you find yourself using MinnPost to get ready for Election Day?


November 8 is not the end of our reporting. These contests will have a lasting impact on the state for many years. Your support will ensure that we continue to cover these ongoing issues through 2023 and beyond. Would you like to join us?


We hear from people who say that they don’t believe their donation will make a difference because it is so small. It does matter! It does!

Thank you for reading MinnPost.


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