Highly potent, illegal THC being commonly found in area smoke shops and hemp stores


Stribbers Brooks Johnson, Ryan Faircloth. “Newly legal low dose THC edibles can be found at many smoke shops and hemp shops around the metro. A number of highly potent delta-8 vapes and gummies, as well as flower, are found on store shelves. These products are prohibited by state law. Minnesota retailers are unlikely to stop selling products that violate the law because they lack a licensing system and the dedicated funding necessary to enforce its unique legal THC market. Jason Tarasek, Minnesota Cannabis Law, stated that enforcement was almost non-existent at a conference last Wednesday.

KSTP TV Richard Reeve reports that “Vikings- and Twins fans were preparing for a pair games that began just 10 minutes apart at 6 p.m. Some people walked, while others took the light rail. Steve Pepera from Farmington stated that even with just one event, it can get crowded. However, with the Twins and other events, you don’t know what to expect. “Two events, what’s it going to end up looking like?” The Minneapolis Downtown Council estimated that more than 70,000 people attended the event, which included simultaneous events at the Orpheum Theater and Guthrie Theaters. According to a Twins spokesperson, Target Field saw 21,781 people. These numbers are an indication of Metro Transit’s ability to handle large crowds. Metro Transit operated two-car trains on both the Blue and Green Lines between July 9 and Friday. This is part of a larger plan to address safety concerns and make the cars cleaner. It also helps to increase interaction between Metro Transit Police and riders.

KARE-TV Jennifer Hoff said that the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA), says there are no formal discussions scheduled with hospital leaders this weekend. They continue negotiations in an attempt to avoid a strike. Although the union’s 15,000 members voted to authorize a strike this week, its leaders remain in negotiations about when and if they should call one. The union claims that if they do, it will be the largest strike in American history. So-called rapid response agencies, which retain strike nurses, will be able to travel at a moment’s notice and will receive a good salary. According to the MNA, it is negotiating for better working conditions and pay. “Our patients are more sick and complex, and our nurses are taking more care of them at once than they used,” said Jill Eliasson. She’s a long-standing nurse and heads Travel Nursing Across America which finds travel nurses jobs.

A BringMeTheNews article states that Allegiant Airlines will offer nonstop flights again from St. Cloud to Florida and Arizona starting in the fall. Allegiant released a Friday press release confirming that it will offer service from St. Cloud to Phoenix-Mesa Airport, Arizona and the Punta Gorda-Fort Myers, Florida starting in October and continuing through May next year.

MPR’s Matt Sepic said that Friday was the hearing of arguments by a judge in St. Paul over whether a western Minnesota county attorney could intervene in an important abortion case. In a ruling last month, Thomas Gilligan, Ramsey County District Judge, found that many restrictions to the procedure were unconstitutional. Matthew Franzese, Traverse County Attorney, wants to appeal the decision of Ramsey County District Judge Thomas Gilligan. Ellison had said that he wouldn’t file an appeal. … One week after Ellison made his announcement, Traverse County attorney Matthew Franzese filed an motion to intervene in the case to try to appeal Gilligan’s decision. Franzese did not present arguments at Friday’s hearing. He has the support of the Thomas More Society. This legal group often represents abortion opponents.

The Springfield (Missouri), News Leader Galen Bacharier said that Mike Lindell, the CEO and leader of MyPillow, was surprised to welcome Marjorie Taylor Greene, U.S. Rep. [Lindell] focused his attention on reporters present at the event or who published stories about it, including The News-Leader and The Springfield Daily Citizen. He showed photos of reporters and stories and said that the News–Leader reporter should come up on the stage so we could pray for him.

A KSTP TV story states that “A suspect has been taken into custody and there are no further concerns for the safety of the Pine Island community,” according to a Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office post at 8:20 p.m. on Saturday. According to a Facebook post , the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office asked residents of southeast Pine Island to shelter in their place. After receiving an Olmsted County judge’s signed warrant, law enforcement took the suspect into custody. A news release was sent on Saturday after 9 p.m. SWAT teams deployed less-lethal rounds and the suspect allegedly returned fire on law enforcement vehicles.

Christopher Vondracek, Strib writes: “The first step in buying farmland Minnesota is likely to be, well, already owning farmerland. It is expensive and complicated, which makes it risky and too difficult for many. Particularly if you look at the fertile areas south of the Minnesota River and the growing fields that have produced household names like Green Giant. It is also known for its productive, rich soil that is black and it doesn’t come cheaply. David Bau, an agriculture business management educator at the University of Minnesota Extension said that young farmers are unlikely to buy land. He spoke from Worthington in mid August. “It will probably be their parents that buy the farmland.”

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