Greta Kaul joins MinnPost’s newsroom leadership team


MinnPost’s newsroom leadership change is complete with Greta Kaul, data journalist, being promoted from reporter to associate editor.

As we move into the next chapter of MinnPost’s newsroom, she will be joining Harry Colbert, Jr. and me. Greta will be working with writers to shape and edit our news coverage and leading our newsletter efforts. Greta is now part of the MinnPost leadership team. She is co-leading our audience team. This team plays a crucial role in growing our loyal readership as part of a three-year strategic plan.

After stints at San Francisco Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, Greta joined MinnPost six year ago. She graduated from the University of Minnesota journalism degree program. For the past four spring semesters, she has been teaching journalism classes at U.

Greta is a MinnPost union steward. She has helped make MinnPost the go-to place for data-rich stories, especially when it comes to election analysis and tracking of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has allowed readers to see perspectives that they won’t get anywhere else. She also ensured that we didn’t take ourselves too seriously by pursuing stories about fishing songs, beavers and pizza prices. MinnPost even got her cello playing!

Greta can be reached via email or twitter at [email protected]. You can also expect to hear more about her through the daily newsletter. What? What? Sign up for our newsletter now!

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