Gov. Walz, law enforcement agencies discuss safety plans for the Minnesota State Fair


KARE-11’s Danny Spewak attended Tuesday’s press conference, where law enforcement officials presented their Minnesota State Fair safety plans. John Harrington is the commissioner of Minnesota Department of Public Safety. He stated that the BCA had done a threat assessment, and determined a “low threat level. Harrington stated that “we want the State Fair, and come,” and “other than the debate between Pronto Pups, and corn dogs.”

Other fair news: Making Get-Together great: State Fair focused upon accessibility [MPR New]

Alister Bull and Matthew Boesler at Bloomberg reported on President Neel Kashkari‘s speech to the Wharton Club of Minnesota in Minneapolis Tuesday. They said that “By many and many measures , we are at maximum unemployment and very high inflation. This totally unbalanced situation means that it is very clear to me: To bring things in balance, we need to tighten our monetary policy

Via Fox 9: Republican candidate to Minnesota governor Scott Jensen said that he saw COVID-19 restrictions as intruding upon American freedoms incrementally one by one and compared that to the 1930s. It’s a valid comparison. You might not like it, but that’s okay. This is my thinking, and I don’t expect you to be my thought police.

Grist’s Diana Kruzman has a story about Indigenous communities. These communities are often located in rural areas that are most vulnerable to wildfires. They have difficulty accessing filters or upgrading their homes to filter out small particles. This makes them more susceptible to the effects of increasing pollution from wildfires. The piece opens with Li Boyd of Ojibwe ‘s Mille Lacs Band.

Mike Hughlett, Star Tribune reports that area codes “507” are out of numbers. A new area code for southern Minnesota is being planned in 2025.

Christine Schuster reports at Bring Me the News Milkweed Books is owned and operated Milkweed Editions. has been reopened on the 1st floor of Open Book.

Black Headline News launched Wednesday morning. The broadcast will be live on the Black Press website partners and also available on PEGMedia for nationwide TV distribution. As one of the community partners, the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder has been announced.

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