Frey signs order protecting reproductive rights in Minneapolis


KSTP TV reports that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey signed a directive to protect individuals and entities who are seeking reproductive health services in Minneapolis. ‘”

KARE-TV Dana Thiede and Connor O’Neal report that “Hundreds gathered in a shed in southwestern Minnesota on Wednesday to see incumbent DFL Governor. In a preview of the contentious race for governor, Tim Walz and Dr. Scott Jensen argued over issues. The most touching exchange occurred when Jensen was discussing the COVID restrictions under the current administration. Walz retorted that Walz had decided that people should remain at home and not be called lazy Minnesotans. Jensen: “I disagree with Governor Walz about his program of One Minnesota” becoming far less real and more an antonym to what we have witnessed. ‘”

This is Joe Nelson from BringMeTheNews. Fox News’ Laura Ingraham was reporting from ‘just outside’ Minneapolis with a bronze elephant statue. Social media has suggested that Ingraham is broadcasting from Lake Minnetonka, the home of Marty Davis.

Mr. Nelson adds that the heat index in Hutchinson (Minnesota) rose to an unbearable temperature of 115 degrees on Tuesday afternoon. According to the National Weather Service, the National Weather Service released the highest heat indices for Minnesota after Tuesday’s scorcher. At 4:55 p.m., Hutchinson reached an extremely high temperature of 115 degrees. Although the NWS does not specify what the air temperature or dew point were to generate this value, it would require a combination of extremes from both. To get the heat index at 115, the dew point must be 75 when it is 100 degrees outside. This is because it is rain forest-like.

This Q&A is with Mary Turner, president Minnesota Nurses Association . Source: MPR. “Seven Minnesota hospitals have issued votes of no confidence to their hospital leaders, unionized nurses. Many heath care providers were not eligible for confidence votes, including Fairview Health Services and Children’s Minnesota, North Memorial Health, and St. Luke’s Duluth. Host Cathy Wurzer posed the question How many Minnesota nurses have left the profession. Turner replied, “I know that in our membership, we had 22,000, and now we have 20,000. My floor saw 40 percent of its nurses retire or leave after the pandemic. I’m not blaming anyone. Many of them moved on to better opportunities. The main reason for this is work-life balance.

WCCO TV reports that “UConn women’s basketball star and Minnesota native Paige Bueckers tore her left knee ACL and will be out for the entire 2022-23 season,” the school announced Wednesday. UConn stated that Bueckers sustained the injury Monday in a pickup basketball match and had an MRI on Wednesday. The UConn statement did not mention where Bueckers were playing at the time of the injury.

Officials said that Stribber Paul Walsh reported that a man from the Twin Cities leading a group of Corvette drivers on a pleasure drive crashed while speeding. The driver who died was identified by the Sheriff’s Office as David A. McLean (38), of Brooklyn Park. Sheriff’s Capt. Derek Anklan stated Wednesday that McLean was traveling at 75 mph when he crashed onto a straight stretch of rural road. Anklan stated that the four Corvette drivers were in a Corvette club. They were traveling about 75 miles per hour when McLean crashed on the straight stretch of rural road. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the Corvettes were headed south on Lofton. The lead driver lost control and went off the road, hitting a utility pole. The car spun several times before coming to rest upside down.

Salon Jon Queally wrote. “Democratic challenger Mandela Barton slammed Sen. Ron Johnson for being a’self serving, multimillionaire’ after the sitting Republican form Wisconsin called for both Social Security and Medicare discretionary program reforms. This would allow the GOP to fulfill its long-held dream of dismantling two essential social programs. Johnson, a right-wing radio host, criticized the’mandatory spending’ required by Social Security and Medicare. These guaranteed benefit programs are widely popular and available to all Americans. Johnson stated that he should be turning all discretionary spending into discretionary spending to make sure that programs and problems can be fixed. Johnson spoke on “The Regular Joe Show.” ‘”

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