Former Gov. Jesse Ventura endorses DFLer Tim Walz for reelection in Minnesota


It was not exactly a surprise that the former Minnesota Governor. Jesse Ventura’s endorsement for fellow Gov. Tim Walz was not expected.

Ventura, who was a former Navy Seal, and a one-time professional wrestler, said that his endorsement of any major candidate was unprecedented. The one-term governor, however, cited Walz’s response to COVID-19 as well as the threat to abortion rights to justify changing his tactics.

Ventura also mentioned the Jan. 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, as an excuse to stand.

span style=”font weight: 400 Our democracy is under attack,” Ventura stated in a Walz campaign video. “I took an Oath 50 years ago to defend this country as a Navy Seal. I will not stand for anyone or any party that cannot condemn the Jan.6 insurrection span>

This endorsement comes just days after former President Donald Trump made his own surprise — the endorsement of Republican nominee for governor Scott Jensen, and GOP nominee to be secretary of state Kim Crockett.

Walz will be facing off against GOP nominee Scott Jensen in an interview on MPR News Friday at noon.

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