Fewer Twin Cities businesses accepting cash, reverse ATMs becoming more common


Kavita Sharma reports that cash isn’t just out of fashion, but it’s also gone in certain places. Aaron Graves and her fiancé discovered this at the Twins’ last game of the year. They thought they could use cash at the stadium, so they left their credit cards behind. They were wrong. They were among those who were turned away from concession stands and directed to a sleek white kiosk, one of five reverse ATMs located around Target Field. The machine’s sign reads, “Convert cash into card”. … Cash was not accepted by many airlines years ago at check in counters or on flights. As a result of the pandemic, many airlines stopped accepting cash at check-in counters and on flights. According to the Federal Reserve’s annual consumer survey, 26% of cash payments were made in 2019, and 19% in 2020. The number of cash payments increased slightly to 20% last year.

Dan Gunderson, MPR News’ , says that deer hunters spend hours, sometimes for several days, in the woods waiting for their prey. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, what deer hunters see while they wait could be useful data in managing the deer population. Eric Michel, the deer project leader in the Minnesota farmland region, stated that this allows hunters to be involved in deer management in Minnesota. “Using citizen science and working with deer hunters allows us to reach a greater audience than we otherwise would. We can’t always be there in the field, so tapping into this resource with our hunters allows us to get so much more data from a larger spread across the state.

This is also available from MPR News. Ron Trenda says, “Some spots could reach 80 degrees Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday it will be breezy, but it will feel almost summery in the afternoon. The cold front that moved through Minnesota and western Wisconsin Tuesday night will bring down temperatures for the rest of the week. The highs in the Twin Cities metro area are expected to reach 60 degrees Wednesday and 50 on Thursday, followed by 50s on Thursday and 50s Friday.

Politico Holly Otterbein, Nancy Vu wrote, “Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson went toe-to-toe with Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes about abortion, crime, and inflation at Friday’s debate. Barnes took aggressive swipes at Johnson in an effort to reverse Johnson’s momentum following an attack ad campaign. As Wisconsin Democrats become more concerned about Barnes’ chances of winning the election, Barnes took an aggressive position during the debate. One his primary opponents called for him to fire his media consultant this week. Others have privately criticized his campaign mistakes, such as when two law enforcement officers were removed from his endorsements list after one said that he didn’t endorse him and the other said he supports him but wasn’t aware that he would be included on such a list.

A BringMeTheNews article states that FRMGT COFFEE currently has two locations in Minneapolis and Eden Prairie. It is now set to open a third on St. Anthony Main. In 2019, the coffee brand opened its first North Loop shop at the Nordic Building. It later expanded to One Southwest Crossing, Eden Prairie, earlier this year. is now planning a third location for Riverplace building at St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis. This building has been renovated over the past year.

Chris Schad wrote this for Sports Illustrated: “The Minnesota Twins entered 2022 having high expectations. But when the postseason began on Friday the Twins were left watching at home. It’s not hard to see how this could have happened after signing Carlos Correa. The numbers show a flawed team that is deserving to be on the sidelines in October.

Stribbers Jennifer Bjorhus and Greg Stanley wrote, “On the grounds at the Minnesota Zoo, in an old shipping container that was turned into a laboratory for biologists, two biologists prepared 67 caterpillars to be awakened from their winter sleep. If they survive the next two-and-half months, the creatures could be responsible for between one-third to one-fifth wild Poweshiek butterfly species left on the earth. Nordmeyer stated, “I won’t let this cooler go out of sight.” The prairie butterfly experienced one of the largest and most complete population declines in North American history. Once numbering in the millions, they occupied every square mile in Minnesota’s grasslands – and almost every open field in which people could look. They vanished 20 years ago.

A AP story by Stephen Groves, and Jonathan Cooper states that “They had waited outside in the desert heat in a long line that stretched around the block and now they could feel the excitement when South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem took to the stage in a Phoenix convention hall. Someone shouted, “She’s our governor!” Kari Lake, Arizona’s Republican nominee for governor, was there to support Noem and join in the praise. She called Noem an “inspiration” who stood up for families during the COVID-19 epidemic. Noem’s campaign argued that helping fellow Republicans promotes the conservative cause. She has paid to increase her Facebook campaign ads in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire — crucial early presidential primaries states. also granted many interviews in which she expressed interest in running for the White House. The governor was busy throughout spring and summer. She released an autobiography , which helped to create a national fundraising network that amassed almost $12 million. Additionally, she publicly reconnected with Corey Lewandowski (Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager). After being accused of making unwelcome sexual advances at a fundraiser Noem and Lewandowski attended, Noem severed ties with Lewandowski last year .

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