Federal judge: State Fair within its rights to ban guns


KARE-TV Dana Thiede reported that a U.S. District Court judge ruled that the Minnesota State Fair’s operating body was within its right to prohibit guests from carrying weapons on the fairgrounds. The lawsuit was filed by Reverend Tim Christopher and Sarah Hauptman back in August 2021. They claimed that the State Agricultural Society (The Society), had violated their rights by enacting a law that prohibited them from bringing weapons through the gates. Judge John Tunheim declared that the claims of the plaintiff that The Society’s rule was unconstitutional were ‘procedurally invalid’ and ‘constitutionally unfounded’. ‘”

The Strib, this is Paul Walsh. Minnesota’s violent crime rose nearly 22% in the last year, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. However, property crimes such as burglary saw a slight decline. The 2021 Uniform Crime Report released Friday by BCA showed that aggravated assault had the largest year-over-year rise (34%) of all violent crime categories. This includes murder, rape, and robbery. Minnesota saw 201 murders last year, nearly 9 percent more than in 2020. Minneapolis was home to nearly half (97 murders) of these killings. The state’s rate of homicides that result in arrests is 62%, compared to 65% for 2020.

Dan Gunderson from MPR News said that hundreds of bees buzz around Zack bateson while he bent over a frame of honey-laden hives. He lifts the honeycomb from the hive with a small tool. He will need about one-and-a-half teaspoons of translucent, golden liquid. Bateson will send the sample back to his laboratory and run it through a DNA test. This is the same procedure used to detect COVID-19. This test for bee disease looks for fragments from genetic material that is pathogenic. Bateson stated that it is possible to detect bacteria, viruses and fungal pathogens in honey bees. The honey is a great method to check for different diseases in beeyards. It is a quick and easy way to get a sample. ‘”

Phillip Bump wrote that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell met supporters and data specialists in South Dakota just over a year back for a multi-day summit where he promised to prove that foreign actors interfered with the 2020 election. The idea was simple: Lindell, who believed that the election had been stolen, would finally give up the raw data that he claimed revealed how voting machines were hacked and results from abroad. He didn’t do this analysis. He had hired men who claimed they had discovered a pattern that could easily be reproduced by others. The moment arrived . The data was either invalid or ineffective. There was no evidence. Since then, none has emerged. … I was watching “The Pit” in Arizona, an episode that came to my mind when I first started watching it. It was a symposium hosted by True the Vote’s leaders and in-vogue conspiracy theorists. Similar hype. Same fall of promises.

The Daily Beast William O’Connor states that “Predicting the future of travel is a fool’s sport (hello COVID). We were able to see the future of luxury hotels globally when we visited the Four Seasons Minneapolis for room key. The hotel is largely free from Minnesotan influences, although there are some hints. It is not a hotel that draws from its surroundings like the new property in Fort Lauderdale, but rather it is a place to escape Minneapolis. This hotel is located in downtown Minneapolis’ glass tower. It gives an idea of what Four Seasons (and others who will follow their example) thinks we want. Credit where credit is due: They got it right.

KSTP-TV Joe Mazan reports that “Comedian, former Minnesota Senator Al Franken will be back on stage this Tuesday as host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Later in the week, he will also be hosting ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Acme Comedy Company is located in Minneapolis’ Warehouse District. Nearly five years ago, Franken resigned from the Senate after being accused of inappropriately touching multiple women.

According to a published report, MarketWatch Steve Goldstein reports that Wells Fargo plans to reduce its mortgage activities. Bloomberg News reported that the top-rated mortgage originator for commercial banks wants to cut ties with outside mortgage firms, which accounted to about a third in its new-home loan volume last year. According to the company, it is evaluating its mortgage business size in light of the shrinking market. Wells Fargo has been involved in a series of scandals. One was in the mortgage industry, where it rejected more applications from Black homeowners than those who were white. The Federal Reserve placed an asset limit on Wells Fargo until its regulatory practices improve.

KARE-TV Jennifer Austin said that “judging by the view from Remer, Minnesota’s gravel road, the forest looks fine. There may be some dry spots. There aren’t many things that will grab your attention while you drive past. The view from the top shows the extent of damage done to Minnesota’s tamarack trees over the past few decades. There are obvious signs of dead, brown trees in a healthy, green forest. What is the culprit? The eastern Larch Beetle. The eastern larch bug is not considered to be an invasive species and has never been a problem historically. In spring, the beetles burrow into tamarack trees and make galleries where they can lay their larvae. The larvae eat the portion of the tree that moves nutrients through the Tamarack.

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