FDA approves omicron-specific COVID-19 vaccines


NPR’s Scott Hensley, Rob Stein reported that on Wednesday, the FDA approved an omicron specific COVID-19 vaccine . Next week, boosters are expected to become available.

Chris Serres in the Star Tribune reports that a Legislative Auditor report criticized the state’s Department of Human Services for failing to provide adequate oversight as it granted millions of homelessness and housing assistance grants.

Hunter Woodall reports that Sen. Amy Klobuchar was in Ukraine Tuesday. She said that Vladimir Putin can invade sovereign countries and threaten the world’s democracies.

Also, The Star Tribune has a retrospective of the 1990 visit by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to the Twin Cities — who died this week.

Bring Me The News’ Adam Uen has written a critique of the Kidway, the state fair’s midway for children. He calls it a scam. He writes that young children face the Sophie’s Choice between spending another $25-50 on tickets or telling their walking tantrums there are no helicopter rides. Histrionics that last as long as Underwood.

Julie Creswell, New York Times’s Julie Creswell, reports supply chain problems have come for Pizza rolls. The beloved after-school staple is a Minnesota favorite, so it was necessary to be creative with the recipe. General Mills isn’t the only one who makes pizza rolls.

An article at the New York Post about how Alex Rodriguez’s deal to buy the Timberwolves could be in danger

Mother Jones’ Eamon Whalen tells us how expensive lawsuits against Minneapolis Police can drain the city’s budget.

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