Ellison sues Target’s Shipt over ‘gig worker’ benefits


This is Stribber Nicole Norfleet. “The battle between gig workers’ rights and the cost of flexibility has reached Minnesota.” On Thursday , Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General, filed a lawsuit claiming that Shipt, Target Corp.’s grocery delivery company, deprives workers of their benefits and rights by classifying them as independent contractors. This suit is the first time that a Minnesota policymaker has challenged one its core characteristics in the past decade.

According to an AP article, is twelve days away. However, attempts to sway the outcome of the election have begun in courtrooms all across the country. Around the Nov. 8 elections, more than 100 lawsuits were filed. The majority of the legal challenges are brought up by Republicans and focus on rules for voter access, mail-in voting, early vote, voting registration, voting machines, voter registration, counting mismarked absentee votes, and access for partisan election watchers. These cases are likely to indicate a contentious post-election period. The strategy is partly due to the failure of Donald Trump’s allies to prevail in overturning his loss to Joe Biden.

Tim Nelson from MPR News reports that demolition experts demolished a decommissioned power station in western Minnesota on Thursday. They used explosives to blast the plant to the ground. A cloud of dust rose into air, and crowds watched the action from a safe distance.

This is KSTP TV’s Jay Kolls. “Small towns across Minnesota face a significant problem to fill vacancies within their respective agencies. According to Minnesota POST Board records 14 law enforcement agencies across the state have been closed since 2017. The spokesperson for the POST Board stated that while they don’t keep track of reasons these agencies closed, it’s a fair assumption that most were shut down because of budget and staffing issues.

A Strib endorsement states that “Enhancing civic participation” is crucial and Steve Simon passed and aced what he called the “ultimate stress test” on ‘our democracy in general and on election administration in particular. Unfortunately, even with the worst of the pandemic behind it, our democracy remains under stress. Simon’s opponent, Republican Kim Crockett has repeatedly disputed the outcome of the 2020 election. Trump may have endorsed Crockett Tuesday through a social media post in which he lied about ‘rampant’ election fraud in Minnesota. )”

Diane Sandberg, KARE-TV, says that four tiny lion cubs are headed to Minnesota, in search of a home at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone after fleeing the war in Ukraine. According to TWS, all the cubs are less than four months of age. According to their permits, all the cubs were given to animal rescue groups after local officials began cracking down on the laws regulating exotic pet trade in Ukraine.

KMSP TV Mary McGuire said that just in time for a winter spike of illnesses, three large drug manufacturers have reported a shortage of the popular antibiotic Amoxicillin. This medication is used to treat bacterial infections in children, such as ear infections. Most of the shortages were in the liquid version of the medication. Keith Karsky, a clinical pharmacist, says that they have felt the effects of the shortage at CentraCare’s St. Cloud clinic, urgent care and emergency department.

Chris Schad, Sports Illustrated’s writes, “The case for keeping Correa is clear. All-Star shortstops are not like other stars, and Correa is no exception. Correa’s.834 OPS was the best among shortstops who had at least 300 at-bats. His 5.4 wins over replacement was fourth and his.291 average batting ranked fifth. Correa’s 22 homers were sixth in this group. While signing Correa will not doom the Twins over the next ten years, it is a move that shouldn’t be. They have the opportunity to improve other areas of the roster and let Correa bag the bag while creating a better Minnesota team.

MPR News also has this article by Paul Huttner: “The fall 2022 warm-weather hits just keep coming.” The surface forecast maps and the upper air push another unseasonably hot air mass into Minnesota, peaking next week. Late next week, temperatures around 20 degrees above the average are likely.

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