Derek Chauvin sentenced to 21 years for violating George Floyd’s civil rights


Via Kere-11: An ex-cop in Minneapolis, Derek Chauvin was convicted of violating George Floyd’s civil rights during his death. He was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment

A federal judge sentenced a former Trump Supporter, David George Hannon to three years probation and a $7,000 penalty for sending an threatening email to Rep. Ilhan Olmar and three other Congresswomen via WCCO.

Katie Galioto from the Star Tribune reports on St. Dai Thao, a Paul City Council member, is leaving his seat to start a new job at Florida. Thao said in a Thursday news release that he will be the executive director of Sarasota United for Responsibility and Equity.

Via Bring Me the News American Public Media announced Wednesday the cancelation of its nationally-acclaimed podcast — the crown jewel in the investigative and documentary group APM Reports. The company started dissolving the company six weeks ago.

Via The Star Tribune: Cedric Alex, an experienced law enforcement officer with psychology expertise, could be Minneapolis’ first community safety commissioner.

Abdi Mohamed interviews Don Samuels at the Minnesota State Spokesman-Recorder. Samuels is currently challenging Rep. Omar in the 5th Congressional District says, “I made a promise to always live and work in a low-income area.” While I am in Congress, I will still live in my neighborhood. I will also be influenced by the concerns, sensibilities, priorities, and needs of the community that are part and parcel with life in big cities in America.

Adam Uren is reporting at Bring Me the News . The latest addition to the KARE 11 news team Morgan Wolfe . Wolfe was an intern at the station six year ago.

Via WCCO A new survey of 3,000 people was conducted to determine which states prefer dogs or cats. Minnesota proved to be a cat-friendly state, while Wisconsin was a dog-friendly state.

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