Delta Air Lines earns $735 million in the second quarter of 2022


David Koenig, Associated Press via Strib reports Delta Air Lines earned $755 million in the second half. This is due to the fact that more passengers and higher fares helped boost revenue back to pre-pandemic levels. The profit was below Wall Street estimates, and Delta shares dropped more than 5% during midday trading. The rising fuel costs and the cancellation of more than 4,000 flights by Delta in May and June caused Delta to struggle in the third quarter.

Mara Klecker reports Minneapolis Public Schools Interim Superintendent Rochelle Coop announced her Cabinet members and positions via an email Tuesday to department heads and principals.

William Bornhoft of Patch has a story about a Donald Trump Supporter from Brooklyn Center who was accused of faking politically motivated fire at his property, and filing false insurance claims. Denis V. Molla (29), has been indicted on two counts of wire fraud. Federal investigators found that Molla claimed she was being targeted by antiTrump vandals.

Courtney Godfrey from FOX9 reports that Dakota County has been granted permission to carry out traditional ceremonies after years of opposition. A conditional use permit was approved Tuesday by the Castle Rock Township Board of Supervisors, eight years after it was first purchased.

Via: KSTP Eagan Police report that several people were hurt after an explosion at the Emagine Theater Tuesday.

Racket editors tried gummies that were Delta 9, with different degrees of pleasure and horror .

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