D.C. Memo: Dems in peril of losing Senate


WASHINGTON — The midterm elections are less than two weeks away and Republican candidates seem to be making gains for House and Senate seats.

Although Democrats considered it highly unlikely to retain control of the House, the party appears to have difficulty keeping control of its Senate seat.

Recent polls indicate that Democrats, who used to have comfortable leads in certain Senate races, are now losing their advantage. Others that were once considered toss-ups lean Republican due to high inflation.

The loss of control over both chambers would fundamentally alter what President Biden can accomplish in his final two years of his current term. He’d also likely have to use his veto pen to stop any filibuster from stopping GOP initiatives in Congress.

Six very competitive races could decide the outcome of the Senate’s control. These key races are located in Nevada, Ohio and Georgia, Pennsylvania. North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin. (None in Minnesota, as the Democratic senators of Minnesota are not on this year’s ballot.

Biden gave a “pep-talk” at the headquarters of Democratic National Committee this week in which he warned that a Republican majority could cause a government shut down over deep spending cuts and other demands, causing chaos and economic damage.

Emmer v. Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump Jr. joined the fray in the highly competitive race to be No. 3 position in the leadership of House and attacked Minnesota’s Rep. Tom Emmer who was one of three candidates for the majority whip.

The House will be controlled by the Republicans in the Nov. 8 general election. Although it hasn’t happened yet the fight for the No. The race for the No. 3 spot in the House Republican Leadership has heated up. This is the most competitive GOP leadership race. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is expected win the position as speaker of the House, while Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) is expected to rise from whip to majority leader.

Emmer will have to face two formidable opponents, Reps. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) and Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.

Trump backs Banks, and Trump, Jr. accused Emmer’s staff of placing negative quotes in a story about Fox host Tucker Carlson, Buckley Carlson, in the Daily Beast.

Tucker Carlson and Trump Jr. called Emmer to ask for explanations. Emmer was angered at an anonymous quote in the Daily Beast article supposedly linked to Emmer, which stated that Buckley’s hiring is an example Banks’ flawed MAGA support.

“Deep down, Buckley (the establishment) dies to love him.” Tucker Carlson’s 24-year-old son is hired by him to become his communications director,” said the unidentified strategist.

The oldest son of the former president reacted sharply to this.

“Why did Tom Emmer tell his advisors to go to the leftwing Daily Beastto destroy Tucker Carlson, Jim Banks and Tucker’s families? Is that really a winning strategy to win a Republican House leadership election? Pathetic!” Trump Jr. tweeted.

Emmer’s National Republican Campaign Committee team, which he leads, has vehemently denied any involvement with the Daily Beast Story.

“Chairman Emmer, his staff have never attacked any of the other members’ staff.” Michael McAdams, spokesperson for the NRCC, stated that it was a fact. These baseless allegations are made to distract and divide Republicans. We are focusing on retaking control of the majority and firing Nancy Pelosi.

According to Axios Carlson called Emmer to inquire who spoke to the Daily Beast. Emmer would then assume that Emmer was responsible for the quote.

Emmer, in any event, has been subject to the wrath and ire of the nation’s most powerful right wing television host as he fights for the U.S. House victory for his party and climb the ranks of GOP House leadership.

Emmer v. PayPal

Emmer, a member the House Financial Services Committee raised concerns about PayPal’s “terms and service” language. In a tweet, Emmer stated that it was “vague” and could be used to control speech.

Republicans have criticised several social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter for unfairly policing posts in search of evidence of disinformation.

But PayPal?

It seems that PayPal’s “terms” prohibit users from providing “false or inaccurate information.”

Additionally, the company stated that it would fine violators $2,500 for each incident of violations and take the money from a violator’s account. The policy was quickly reversed after furore.

Emmer was among several Republicans on the House Financial Services and House Energy and Commerce Committees who sent a letter last Wednesday to Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO, asking various questions including where the policy was originated, who approved it, and whether there was any involvement from the Biden administration.

Emmer gave Schulman Thursday as a deadline to follow their “investigatory letters”

Omar: “Bad timing” of Ukraine’s peace letter

Faced with political headwinds and a lack of support from Congress Democrats, it was not necessary for them to have progressives in their party. This includes Minnesota’s Rep. Ilhanomar who seems to be agreeing with Republicans like Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, about limiting U.S. military financing of Ukraine’s war efforts.

Omar was among 30 House progressives to sign a letter to President Biden, asking him to “make vigorous diplomat efforts in support of an negotiated settlement” and to “engage in direct negotiations with Russia.”

Biden was defending McCarthy and claiming that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin can win the war if the United States weakens its support for Kiev.

The letter that Rep. P ramila Jayapal, D-Wash., wrote seemed to weaken Biden’s hardline approach, and provoked an immediate backlash by other Democrats.

Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn. tweeted: “There is moral peril in sitting down too early with Putin. It could legitimize his crimes and hand over parts of Ukraine in an agreement that Putin will not even honor. Sometimes, diplomacy cannot work if a bully isn’t shown his limits.”

Omar claimed that she signed the letter in January, when the situation was different.

Omar stated that the letter was written earlier in the year in response to reports suggesting that Washington was pressuring Ukraine not to negotiate. “I fully support the president’s efforts in Ukraine to defeat Putin’s illegal war on aggression and will continue doing so.”

Jayapal retracted the letter within 24 hours after it was released due to anger in the Democratic caucus.

Jayapal stated in a statement that the letter was written several months ago and was not vetted by staff.

She stated that the timing of the letter – it was sent Monday – meant that some are interpreting our message as equivalent to the recent threat by Republican Leader McCarthy to end aid to Ukraine if Republicans win.

Jayapal stated that “the proximity of these statements made it seem like Democrats, who strongly and unanimously voted for and voted in support of every package of military and strategic assistance to the Ukrainian people are somehow aligned to Republicans who seeks to cut off American support for President Zelensky’s and the Ukrainian forces.” Jayapal stated, “There is no truth to this.”

Amanda Yanchury, a spokeswoman for Rep. Betty McCollum (D-4 ), the head of House Appropriations defense, stated that the lawmaker will continue support U.S. military assistance to Ukraine.

Yanchury stated that McCollum is a strong supporter for aid to the Ukrainian people, and their fight for democracy.

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