Cut fiber cable on North Shore shows serious ramifications


MPR News Dan Kraker said that Jacob Muus noticed something wasn’t right late Friday morning, when a customer tried using a gift card. Muus, co-owner of Johnson’s Foods grocery shop in Grand Marais, said, “And I was kinda stumped by why it wasn’t working.” “I tried different cash registers to see if it would work, but it didn’t.”… The headaches started at 11:19 on Friday morning when a company installing an underground Cable about three miles north Silver Bay accidentally cut off the main fiber optic trunkline that runs from Duluth all the way up to the North Shore.

Krystal Fasier reports for KSTP-TV. “Federal records indicate that a former Minneapolis police officer found guilty in connection with the murder of George Floyd is currently in a federal jail.” Thomas Lane is currently in Federal Correctional Institution Englewood, Colorado just outside Denver.

Caitlin Anderson, Business Journal states that “while sales of $1,000,000 homes have more than doubled nationally over the past three-years, buyers are getting less bang for their buck – or more precisely less square footage – for their buck,” According to Zillow’s new analysis, there was a’shrinkage’ effect on million-dollar houses between pre-pandemic 2019 and 2022. Minneapolis/St. According to a press release from the Seattle-based realty website, there were two exceptions: Minneapolis/St. Louis and St. Paul. Both these regions saw their home footprints increase for such properties.

Jay Boller, of The Racket writes . LeBron. Doerr? Racket? They wanted to know: What’s her champion-caliber garden like. Is she a fear-inducing gardener? The name Doerr has been a symbol of greatness for 15 years in the crowded world State Fair vegetable competitions. , a veggie-growing legend from Harris, Minnesota has won eight Sweepstakes through the past 10 fairs. This is the category that accumulates the most points per year via ribbons. and Bob are aiming for a ninth. This is a rare title, as it has been awarded only 150 times throughout fair history.

Mashed Rebecca Cherico wrote. “New York-born and Minnesota-based Andrew Zimmern loves one State Fair delight that so many people miss. This hearty sandwich was so popular at Iowa State Fair, it was brought over to the Land of 10,000 Lakes to delight the star of ‘Bizzare foods’. Zimmern calls it a “meat torpedo” of delight. It’s the Gizmo.

This is from KMSP TV. “The Minnesota Zoo has asked birdwatchers for help after four magpie shrikes escaped their enclosure in July. According to a spokesperson for the zoo, four magpie shrikes (also known as the African longtail shrike) fled the zoo in July after their enclosure was left open. One of the four birds was returned to its habitat safely after it was discovered.

Tommy Wiita’s BringMeTheNews article says that Bed Bath & Beyond will close 150 stores in the United States as it continues its efforts to save itself from bankruptcy. A total of 20% of the company’s corporate employees will be laid off, and several of its brands in-house will be cut. Bring Me The News reached to Bed Bath & Beyond in order to find out if any stores were closing down in Minnesota. Eight stores remain in Minnesota.

  • Apple Valley, 14910 Florence Trail
  • Bloomington, 7961 Southtown Center
  • Maple Grove, 7950 Wedgewood Lane North
  • Minnetonka, 11240 Wayzata Boulevard
  • Rochester, 40 25th Street Southeast
  • Roseville, 2480 North Fairview, Suite 115A
  • St. Cloud, 3959 Second Street South
  • Woodbury, 8250 Tamarack Village

Earlier in the year, Bed Bath & Beyond stores were closed in Eagan (1295 Promenade Place), Duluth (1303 Miller Trunk Highway), and Sheboygan (Wisconsin).

Another MPR News article says that an audit of the state office providing housing support for homeless people found that it didn’t properly ensure grant money was legally distributed . The Office of the Legislative Auditor performed a performance audit and found numerous issues in the Department of Human Services’ internal controls regarding grants for housing and homelessness. It also examined its compliance with certain legal requirements.

Natasha Korecki, NBC News’s spokeswoman, writes that “one of Wisconsin’s fake electors’ was working as a paid employee for Sen. Ron Johnson’s re-election campaign.” Alexa Henning (R-Wis.) spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday that the campaign employed Pam Travis. Travis was one of 10 Wisconsin Republicans who signed bogus paperwork claiming they were electors backing Donald Trump in an alleged plot against the 2020 election. Travis’s LinkedIn profile shows that she has been working for Johnson since March. Federal Election Commission financial records show that Travis was paid just over $10,200 by Johnson since April. Additionally, Travis received reimbursements of more than $3,500 for mileage expenses between May and July. Travis is an active member in Wisconsin GOP and serves as vice chair for the 7th Congressional District.

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