Buttigieg checks out local infrastructure projects, State Fair


MPR’s Mark Zdechlik said, “Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg had a first-hand view of a $12 million project that will improve a busy corridor in Minneapolis. It includes new turn lanes and bus only lanes as well as upgrades to accommodate persons with disabilities. Buttigieg stated that the $1 trillion infrastructure funding package, which was signed into law last year by President Joe Biden, is helping to build the future. Minnesota Republicans were critical of Buttigieg’s photo-ops. Nick Majerus, spokesperson for the Republican Party of Minnesota, stated that inflation is crippling Minnesota’s economy and crime is out of control. ‘Gov. “Gov.

Stribber Liz Navratil says, “Two Minneapolis activists want a judge to compel the city officials to appoint additional people to a watchdog group of police officers that doesn’t have enough members to function . The case centers on the Police Conduct Oversight Commission. This commission is a group that was appointed by the mayor to investigate police issues and make recommendations about policy changes. Past work of the group has included trends in force use, improving medical training, and strengthening misconduct investigations to increase public trust in the Police Department. Two members of Communities United Against Police Brutality, Emma Pederson and David Bicking, applied to be on the commission. Wednesday’s petition asked a judge for a compel order to Mayor Jacob Frey and City Council members, to fill the commission positions, and to pay damages.

Brian Bakst, MPR reports, “As it stands, a substantial surplus will be available to the disposal of DFL Governor. Scott Jensen or Tim Walz, the Republican challenger to him in the race, craft a budget proposal for next year that covers two years. The growth in tax revenue continues outpacing projections. A large portion of the surplus that had reached $9 billion may be available when the budget-setting session convenes next January. This is because lawmakers have failed to agree on how to most of it. Jensen stated that they would work hard to eliminate the personal income tax. He also told the Republican Party convention, before securing the endorsement in May. “We must stop nibbling at the edges.” “We have to be bold.”

KARE-TV Rena Sargianopoulos said, “For a first time in more that two years, We’re about to begin a fairly normal school year,” Dr. Heather Mueller, Minnesota Education Commissioner. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. In an era when hiring is difficult, educators have quit the profession in large numbers. “I would say that we are doing okay. Wayzata Superintendent Dr. Chace Andersen says that it is fortunate that there is still a strong talent pool available for all of the opportunities that exist. Wayzata is like many other districts in the state looking for individuals in science, math, and special education.

This in Strib: “A Le Sueur County college student has been crowned as the 69th Princess Kay from the Milky Way on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The Midwest Dairy Association announced Wednesday that Rachel Rynda (19 years old) from Montgomery, Minn. will be a ‘goodwill ambassador for approximately 2,100 dairy farmers in the state. She is a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Rynda beat 10 county dairy princesses to the title on Wednesday night. She also won the honor of being the first to have her likeness in a 90-pound butter block for display at the Minnesota State Fair.

For Axios Des Moines Linh Ta reports, “Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz made a snide comment about the Iowa State Fair this Week, saying “I always appreciate Iowa doing a little warm-up like the minor league state Fair so Minnesota can bring in major leagues.” Linh Ta reports, “Minnesota Gov. (Ew. )”

Gita Silamariah, for the Strib. ” H&M, the fast-fashion chain, has closed its Uptown Minneapolis store. This is a change that will be a major factor in the Seven Points shopping centre being redeveloped at Hennepin Avenue & Lake Street. According to a spokesperson for Seven Points, the Swedish retailer, which has several locations in the Twin Cities area, agreed to close the store as construction on a seven-story, $150 million apartment building is set to begin this year. After a 25-year tenure at two locations in the area, Patina, a specialty and gift store, is closing a mile away. Sunday will be its last day.

According to The Root Marjani rawls, “It seems Jacob Blake’s relatives has experienced another instance of police brutality.” The Associated Press. According to the lawsuit, Blake was tortured by police officers while he was being arrested at protests in April 2021. Blake’s attorneys claim that Blake was held by sheriff’s deputy officers and placed him in an emergency restraint for nearly seven hours. According to the lawsuit, officers identified Justin as Jacob Blake’s uncle while asking him questions. They also became more aggressive when he refused to speak up. Blake claims that he was injured in the encounter to his neck, back and shoulders. The lawsuit seeks to end Blake’s’restraint chairs’ punishment, as well as the deletion of his arrest records and unspecified damages. The lawsuit claims that Blake was not dangerous to others or himself, but that he was immobile and had restraints tied to his legs and arms. He also had a collar strap that looked like a horse.

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