8 corrections officers, kept away from jailed Chauvin, get $1.46M settlement


The Strib’s Kyeland Jack reports that the Ramsey County Board has settled a racial discrimination case Tuesday, which awarded eight correctional officers almost $1.46million. After a jail chief barred officers of color guarding Derek Chauvin, their race may have been a liability’ around them, the officers filed the suit. After George Floyd’s murder, the former Minneapolis police officer was initially held in Ramsey County. The death of George Floyd sparked outrage worldwide and sparked days of protests in Minnesota and other parts of the country.

An MPR story by Tim Nelson. states that the old United States Postal Service motto, ‘We Deliver For You’, is being used more often in Minnesota and across the country. They deliver… almost always. Amy Oxentenko, a Rochester, Minn. doctor, noticed it when she placed her mail on hold earlier in the summer for a family vacation. She recalled that she had some “fits and stops” during the first week of returning from vacation. “And then, we started in this spread for almost two weeks, with only one day without mail,” she recalled.

This is from KSTP TV, “Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey nominated Kristyn to be the city attorney. Tuesday Anderson is currently the general counsel, state ethics officer and enterprise employment law counsel at the Minnesota Department of Management and Budget. Before taking on these roles in 2014 she was an assistant attorney general at the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office’s Civil Litigation Division for nearly 14 years.

This is also from KSTP. Mia Laube said that the National Weather Service (NWS), has released maps showing rainfall totals for different areas of Minnesota over the weekend. The map NWS tweeted shows that the southern Minnesota region received the most rainfall between Friday night and Monday morning. The tweet includes an interactive map showing several locations that fall within the red category. These locations can receive between 3.85 and 11.25 inches of rain. The CoCoRaHS tool is linked here. Users can change the date and location. These Minnesota locations will be highlighted in red from Friday, August 5 through Monday, August 8.

  • Glencoe: 4.58 inches of rain
  • Brownton – 4.41 Inches of Rain
  • Garden City – 4.11 Inches of Rain
  • Prinsburg – 4.05 Inches of Rain
  • Odin – 3.94 Inches of Rain.”

Stribber Jeremy Olson reports that Joan Sullivan is suffering from cold symptoms and pimple-like rashes all over her body. It’s unknown if it’s monkeypox. A Minneapolis-based flight attendant, 29, struggled for five consecutive days to get testing at the Minnesota Department of Health as well as two Twin Cities clinics. Clinics urge testing for men who have sex in public — which is the majority of the 55 state-wide known infections — but Sullivan expressed concern that this could overlook cases such as hers. Although Monkeypox does not pose a risk to sexually transmitted infections, 94% of the first cases in the U.S. health emergency were young men who had recently been involved in intimate or sexual contact. The virus spreads mainly through contact with fluids or contaminated surfaces such as sheets, towels, or towels.

For goodmorningamerica.com Michelle Stoddart and Sam Sweeney report, “Travelers facing surging summer prices can expect good news as domestic airfare is expected to drop by nearly 40% in the coming fall months, according to data from the travel booking platform Hopper. Hopper data shows that round-trip domestic airfare will drop by 38% from peak summer prices in September/October. Round-trip domestic airfare will cost around $238, $142 less than the high summer fares.

Kirsti Marohn reports that Tom Skahen turns heads as he cruises through downtown St. Joseph. Skahen’s tiny, black car is a standout among the many pickups and SUVs found in central Minnesota. Skahen is the CEO of Opus Motorcar Co., a new company that sells small, low-speed, all-electric vehicles for short trips around the town. The 3 looks like a hybrid of a London taxi and an early Smart car. It can cover approximately 25 miles with a single charge.

An Star Tribune story states, “We’re going to not let too many written words get the way of the spoken ones. This segment is on Monday night’s MLB Tonight on the MLB Network. It’s no surprise that Bill Ripken, a former Baltimore infielder, was very upset about Sunday’s 10th-inning call in which replay umpires from New York reversed an out call at Toronto. This gave Toronto the lead in its 3-2 win over the Twins. Tap here to learn more about this hubbub and to see a guide on how to block home plate. Ripken spoke out about Twins manager Rocco baldelli, and his postgame criticisms of replay umpires. But I stand with Rocco Baldelli. “I was shocked that he was involved in such a conversation postgame.” Ripken then called for an on-air production meeting and broke down the video with colorful commentary.

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